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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan seized the hands of Athos with an anguish difficult to bedescribed.
2.  "Humph," murmured Athos, "it is certainly she!"
3.  "Well!" resumed the citizen, "well, monsieur, my wife wasabducted yesterday morning, as she was coming out of herworkroom."
4.  He immediately ran in the direction of Portsmouth, which he saw atnearly half a league before him, standing out in the haze of themorning, with its houses and towers.
5.  "Twelve," replied Aramis.
6.  "Patience, monseigneur, we are coming to it. There happened thenthat which you know, and of which your precipitate departure,"added the host, with an acuteness that did not escape D'Artagnan,"appeared to authorize the issue. That gentleman, your friend,defended himself desperately. His lackey, who, by an unforeseenpiece of ill luck, had quarreled with the officers, disguised asstable lads-"


1.  But, as we have said, Bazin had not, by his fortunatereturn, removed more than a part of the uneasiness whichweighed upon the four friends. The days of expectation arelong, and D'Artagnan, in particular, would have wagered thatthe days were forty-four hours. He forgot the necessaryslowness of navigation; he exaggerated to himself the powerof Milady. He credited this woman, who appeared to him theequal of a demon, with agents as supernatural as herself; atthe least noise, he imagined himself about to be arrested,and that Planchet was being brought back to be confrontedwith himself and his friends. Still further, his confidencein the worthy Picard, at one time so great, diminished dayby day. This anxiety became so great that it even extendedto Aramis and Porthos. Athos alone remained unmoved, as ifno danger hovered over him, and as if he breathed hiscustomary atmosphere.
2.  "We shall see, Monsieur Cardinal, we shall see," said the king,who, in his joy at finding the queen guilty of a crime which hecared little about, and innocent of a fault of which he had greatdread, was ready to make up all differences with her, "we shallsee, but upon my honor, you are too indulgent toward her.""Sire," said the cardinal, "leave severity to your ministers.Clemency is a royal virtue; employ it, and you will find that youderive advantage therein."
3.  "PESTE!" said D'Artagnan to himself, "the moment forconfidences has not yet come."
4.  "You say so."
5.  "We let them tell their story out," replied Mousqueton. "Then,as in leaving the cabaret they took different directions, mybrother went and hid himself on the road of the Catholic, and Ion that of the Huguenot. Two hours after, all was over; we haddone the business of both, admiring the foresight of our poorfather, who had taken the precaution to bring each of us up in adifferent religion."
6.  The two men in black rose, bowed to Aramis and D'Artagnan, andadvanced toward the door. Bazin, who had been standing listeningto all this controversy with a pious jubilation, sprang towardthem, took the breviary of the curate and the missal of theJesuit, and walked respectfully before them to clear their way.Aramis conducted them to the foot of the stairs, and themimmediately came up again to D'Artagnan, whose senses were stillin a state of confusion.


1.  D'Artagnan, who had his eyes fixed upon this man, became very pale, andlet his glass fall.
2.  "The fact is," hazarded D'Artagnan, timidly, "I did not see thehandkerchief fall from the pocket of Monsieur Aramis. He had hisfoot upon it, that is all; and I thought from having his footupon it the handkerchief was his."
3.  "'Where has he gone?' asked Monsieur de Cavois.
4.  Athos, wounded anew by Cahusac, became evidently paler, but didnot give way a foot. He only changed his sword hand, and foughtwith his left hand.
5.   "Oh, do not kill me!" cried the bandit. "Pardon, pardon, myofficer, and I will tell you all."
6.  Then, as if to render an account to herself of the changes shecould place upon her countenance, so mobile and so expressive,she made it take all expressions from that of passionate anger,which convulsed her features, to that of the most sweet, mostaffectionate, and most seducing smile. Then her hair assumedsuccessively, under her skillful hands, all the undulations shethought might assist the charms of her face. At length shemurmured, satisfied with herself, "Come, nothing is lost; I amstill beautiful."


1.  The young man then entered the apartment of Aramis. He found himkneeling before a PRIEDIEU with his head leaning on an open prayer book.He described to him his interview with the cardinal, and said, for thethird time drawing his commission from his pocket, "You, our friend, ourintelligence, our invisible protector, accept this commission. You havemerited it more than any of us by your wisdom and your counsels, alwaysfollowed by such happy results."
2.  "Ill--very ill, say you? And of what malady?"
3.  "The devil! Why, people jest with death."
4、  "Much obliged, my dear Kitty; but for the intention only--forthe information, you must agree, is not likely to be at allagreeable."
5、  "He knows them, then?"




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      "Your Lordship must have observed that he could not continue hisjourney."

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      "It is much better both for you and for me to stop where we are,"answered the wounded man. "CORBLEU--I am more your friend than youthink--for after our very first encounter, I could by saying a word tothe cardinal have had your throat cut!"

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       "How! What do you say?"

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      The Comte de Wardes was announced, and D'Artagnan was introduced."You have an order signed by the cardinal?" said the governor."Yes, monsieur," replied D'Artagnan; "here it is.""Ah, ah! It is quite regular and explicit," said the governor."Most likely," said D'Artagnan; "I am one of his most faithfulservants."

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    {  "It is thus I will always treat my enemies and yours, Duke,however high they may be placed, and whatever peril I may incurin acting severely toward them."

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      Grimaud was already ahead, with the basket and the dessert.The four friends followed, ten paces behind him.}

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      Milady tried to open the door in order to throw herself out."Take care, madame," said the young man, coolly, "you will killyourself in jumping."

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      "Ah, this time," cried D'Artagnan, springing to his sword, "thistime he will not escape me!"

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       "Well, monsieur has only to take the right-hand staircase in thecourtyard, and knock at Number Five on the second floor."D'Artagnan walked quickly in the direction indicated, and foundone of those exterior staircases that are still to be seen in theyards of our old-fashioned taverns. But there was no getting atthe place of sojourn of the future abbe; the defiles of thechamber of Aramis were as well guarded as the gardens of Armida.Bazin was stationed in the corridor, and barred his passage withthe more intrepidity that, after many years of trial, Bazin foundhimself near a result of which he had ever been ambitious.In fact, the dream of poor Bazin had always been to serve achurchman; and he awaited with impatience the moment, always inthe future, when Aramis would throw aside the uniform and assumethe cassock. The daily-renewed promise of the young man that themoment would not long be delayed, had alone kept him in theservice of a Musketeer--a service in which, he said, his soul wasin constant jeopardy.

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    {  "And you responded to his bidding, you imprudent man?""Well, I can't say I had much choice of going or not going, for Iwas taken to him between two guards. It is true also, that as Idid not then know his Eminence, if I had been able to dispensewith the visit, I should have been enchanted."

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      At this time Athos came up to D'Artagnan.