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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Nay, madame; I would place each of these heroes on hisright pedestal -- that of Robespierre on his scaffold in thePlace Louis Quinze; that of Napoleon on the column of thePlace Vendome. The only difference consists in the oppositecharacter of the equality advocated by these two men; one isthe equality that elevates, the other is the equality thatdegrades; one brings a king within reach of the guillotine,the other elevates the people to a level with the throne.Observe," said Villefort, smiling, "I do not mean to denythat both these men were revolutionary scoundrels, and thatthe 9th Thermidor and the 4th of April, in the year 1814,were lucky days for France, worthy of being gratefullyremembered by every friend to monarchy and civil order; andthat explains how it comes to pass that, fallen, as I trusthe is forever, Napoleon has still retained a train ofparasitical satellites. Still, marquise, it has been so withother usurpers -- Cromwell, for instance, who was not halfso bad as Napoleon, had his partisans and advocates."
2.  "What a splendid business that last case of yours was, mydear Villefort!" remarked a third; "I mean the trial of theman for murdering his father. Upon my word, you killed himere the executioner had laid his hand upon him."
3.  "Where is he?"
4.  Chapter 18The Treasure.
5.  "Oh, this is very interesting," said Debray; "if therereally has been a crime, we will investigate it."
6.  "With all my heart," returned Albert; "Italian cigars arehorrible. When you come to Paris, I will return all this."


1.  "Ah," said Morrel, falling from the height of excitement tothe abyss of despair -- "ah, you are playing with me, likethose good, or rather selfish mothers who soothe theirchildren with honeyed words, because their screams annoythem. No, my friend, I was wrong to caution you; do notfear, I will bury my grief so deep in my heart, I willdisguise it so, that you shall not even care to sympathizewith me. Adieu, my friend, adieu!"
2.  Chapter 51Pyramus and Thisbe.
3.  "Was I so badly lodged at Rome?" said Monte Cristo smiling.
4.  "I explained nothing, and it is he who apologized to me."
5.  "Ah, baron, baron," said Albert, "you are not listening --what barbarism in a melomaniac like you!"
6.  "Justum et tenacem propositi virum."


1.  "That is possible," said the countess, reflecting.
2.  "The sun is not shining," said Morrel, more alarmed byNoirtier's expression than by Valentine's indisposition. Heran towards her. The young girl smiled. "Cheer up," said sheto Noirtier. "Do not be alarmed, Maximilian; it is nothing,and has already passed away. But listen! Do I not hear acarriage in the court-yard?" She opened Noirtier's door, ranto a window in the passage, and returned hastily. "Yes,"said she, "it is Madame Danglars and her daughter, who havecome to call on us. Good-by; -- I must run away, for theywould send here for me, or, rather, farewell till I see youagain. Stay with grandpapa, Maximilian; I promise you not topersuade them to stay."
3.  Debray colored slightly, and followed with his eyes thedirection of Beauchamp's glance. "Come," he said, "it isonly a veiled lady, some foreign princess, perhaps themother of Cavalcanti. But you were just speaking on a veryinteresting topic, Beauchamp."
4.  "Well, madame?" unhesitatingly repeated Debray.
5.   "You have wounded me to the heart."
6.  "How useless?" cried the president, "what do you mean?"


1.  "Sire," said Villefort, "the suddenness of this event mustprove to your majesty that the issue is in the hands ofProvidence; what your majesty is pleased to attribute to meas profound perspicacity is simply owing to chance, and Ihave profited by that chance, like a good and devotedservant -- that's all. Do not attribute to me more than Ideserve, sire, that your majesty may never have occasion torecall the first opinion you have been pleased to form ofme." The minister of police thanked the young man by aneloquent look, and Villefort understood that he hadsucceeded in his design; that is to say, that withoutforfeiting the gratitude of the king, he had made a friendof one on whom, in case of necessity, he might rely.
2.  "But it was on leaving this club," said he, "my fatherdisappeared." Noirtier's eye continued to say, "Read." Heresumed: --
3.  Chapter 5The Marriage-Feast.
4、  "But shall you be allowed to go into Normandy?"
5、  The darkness lasted two hours longer; then by degrees a coldlight crept through the Venetian blinds, until at length itrevealed the objects in the room. About this time thenurse's cough was heard on the stairs and the woman enteredthe room with a cup in her hand. To the tender eye of afather or a lover, the first glance would have sufficed toreveal Valentine's condition; but to this hireling,Valentine only appeared to sleep. "Good," she exclaimed,approaching the table, "she has taken part of her draught;the glass is three-quarters empty."




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      "Because there is a little secret, a precaution I thought itdesirable to take, one of Huret & Fitchet's locks, revisedand improved by Gaspard Caderousse; I will manufacture you asimilar one when you are a capitalist."

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      "Are you really frightened, madame?" said Monte Cristo.

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       "I do not know, sir; it was to fulfil the last instructionsof Captain Leclere, who, when dying, gave me a packet forMarshal Bertrand."

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      "Oh, it must not be called suffering; I feel a generaluneasiness, that is all. I have lost my appetite, and mystomach feels as if it were struggling to get accustomed tosomething." Noirtier did not lose a word of what Valentinesaid. "And what treatment do you adopt for this singularcomplaint?"

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    {  "Here is a glass with one already prepared," said Villefort,entering the room.

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      "Alas, I have still to recount the most distressing periodof my life. Anxious as you may suppose I was to behold andcomfort my dear sister, I lost no time in hastening toCorsica, but when I arrived at Rogliano I found a house ofmourning, the consequences of a scene so horrible that theneighbors remember and speak of it to this day. Acting by myadvice, my poor sister had refused to comply with theunreasonable demands of Benedetto, who was continuallytormenting her for money, as long as he believed there was asou left in her possession. One morning that he had demandedmoney, threatening her with the severest consequences if shedid not supply him with what he desired, he disappeared andremained away all day, leaving the kind-hearted Assunta, wholoved him as if he were her own child, to weep over hisconduct and bewail his absence. Evening came, and still,with all the patient solicitude of a mother, she watched forhis return.}

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      "You hesitate?"

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      "Because I shall secure my housekeeper on the strength ofit."

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    {  "Leave you? Why should I leave you?"

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      "Did he reflect before he insulted my father?"