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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The secret is," said Athos, "that I saw Milady last night."D'Artagnan was lifting a glass to his lips; but at the nameof Milady, his hand trembled so, that he was obliged to putthe glass on the ground again for fear of spilling thecontents."
2.  "Something whispers me so," continued Porthos, becoming more andmore melancholy.
3.  "'Well,' said a voice which vibrated in too terrible a manner inmy ear not to be recognized, 'well! Are we softened a little?Will we not pay for our liberty with a single promise of silence?Come, I am a good sort of a prince,' added he, 'and although Ilike not Puritans I do them justice; and it is the same withPuritanesses, when they are pretty. Come, take a little oath forme on the cross; I won't ask anything more of you.'"'On the cross,' cried I, rising, for at that abhorred voice Ihad recovered all my strength, 'on the cross I swear that nopromise, no menace, no force, no torture, shall close my mouth!On the cross I swear to denounce you everywhere as a murderer, asa thief of honor, as a base coward! On the cross I swear, if Iever leave this place, to call down vengeance upon you from thewhole human race!'
4.  "Then, gentlemen, you will not oppose our executing the orders wehave received?" asked one who appeared to be the leader of theparty.
5.  "Come," said the king, "will you swear, by my father, that Athoswas at your residence during the event and that he took no partin it?"
6.  Cahusac immediately ran to the Guardsman whom Aramis had killed,seized his rapier, and returned toward D'Artagnan; but on his wayhe met Athos, who during his relief which D'Artagnan had procuredhim had recovered his breath, and who, for fear that D'Artagnanwould kill his enemy, wished to resume the fight.D'Artagnan perceived that it would be disobliging Athos not toleave him alone; and in a few minutes Cahusac fell, with a swordthrust through his throat.


1.  "Yes, yes, let us fly!" repeated Mme. Bonacieux, but without being ableto make a step, glued as she was to the spot by terror.They heard the horsemen pass under the windows.
2.  "We are alone, sir," said Buckingham; "speak!"
3.  "Then that is agreed," said the king, "and that is all I had tosay to you."
4.  Then that which spurred her on additionally in the midst of allthis was the remembrance of the cardinal. What must themistrustful, restless, suspicious cardinal think of her silence--the cardinal, not merely her only support, her only prop, heronly protector at present, but still further, the principalinstrument of her future fortune and vengeance? She knew him;she knew that at her return from a fruitless journey it would bein vain to tell him of her imprisonment, in vain to enlarge uponthe sufferings she had undergone. The cardinal would reply, withthe sarcastic calmness of the skeptic, strong at once by powerand genius, "You should not have allowed yourself to be taken."Then Milady collected all her energies, murmuring in the depthsof her soul the name of Felton--the only beam of light thatpenetrated to her in the hell into which she had fallen; and likea serpent which folds and unfolds its rings to ascertain itsstrength, she enveloped Felton beforehand in the thousand meshesof her inventive imagination.
5.  A shade of anger and vengeance passed across the usuallycalm brow of this gentleman.
6.  "You don't think of holding out against a whole regiment, doyou?" said Porthos.


1.  "Have you any money?"
2.  "Then," continued the host, "I replied that as from the moment weseemed not likely to come to a good understanding with respect topayment, I hoped that he would have at least the kindness togrant the favor of his custom to my brother host of the GoldenEagle; but Monsieur Porthos replied that, my house being thebest, he should remain where he was. This reply was tooflattering to allow me to insist on his departure. I confinedmyself then to begging him to give up his chamber, which is thehandsomest in the hotel, and to be satisfied with a pretty littleroom on the third floor; but to this Monsieur Porthos repliedthat as he every moment expected his mistress, who was one of thegreatest ladies in the court, I might easily comprehend that thechamber he did me the honor to occupy in my house was itself verymean for the visit of such a personage. Nevertheless, whileacknowledging the truth of what he said, I thought proper toinsist; but without even giving himself the trouble to enter intoany discussion with me, he took one of his pistols, laid it onhis table, day and night, and said that at the first word thatshould be spoken to him about removing, either within the houseor our of it, he would blow out the brains of the person whoshould be so imprudent as to meddle with a matter which onlyconcerned himself. Since that time, monsieur, nobody enter hischamber but his servant."
3.  Porthos foamed with rage, and made a movement to rush afterD'Artagnan.
4.  Everything fell out as Mme. Bonacieux prophesied. On hearing thepassword, Germain bowed. In a few minutes, Laporte was at thelodge; in two words D'Artagnan informed him where Mme. Bonacieuxwas. Laporte assured himself, by having it twice repeated, ofthe accurate address, and set off at a run. Hardly, however, hadhe taken ten steps before he returned.
5.   "Silence!"
6.  And God, who counts my pains."


1.  "Was he so sweet, then?"
2.  "That does not concern me."
3.  "That's true," said the Guardsman, astonished that his name hadnot produced more effect upon the young man.
4、  "Good heaven! That is enough to drive away all my pains; I couldmount him with thirty balls in my body. On my soul, handsomestirrups! HOLA, Bazin, come here this minute."
5、  D'Artagnan perceived the force of this reasoning, and wassilent.




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      "If there is a third shot," said he to himself, "I am a lostman."

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      "Thus I have told your Eminence that you had but to question us,and we are ready to reply."

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       At the cry uttered by the duke and the scream of Patrick, the man whomFelton had met in the antechamber rushed into the chamber.He found the duke reclining upon a sofa, with his hand pressed upon thewound.

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      "And you say this young man behaved himself well? Tell me how,Treville--you know how I delight in accounts of war andfighting."

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    {  "The captain of the king's Musketeers?"

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      "He proposed to me to undertake it with him, and I agreed.""And how much did she give you for this fine enterprise?""A hundred louis."}

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      "Oh, he conceals them too little for you not to divine them.""I seek to divine nothing, madame; I wait till I am confided in,and apart from that which Lord de Winter has said to me beforeyou, he has confided nothing to me."

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      "No, I use your generosity, that's all. But be of good cheer;with certain people, everything comes round."

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       "If you would permit me--" said D'Artagnan, with timidity."What, monsieur?"

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    {  "How do you know that?"

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      "Ma-madame!" cried he; "is that you? How is your husband, ourdear Monsieur Coquenard? Is he still as stingy as ever? Wherecan my eyes have been not to have seen you during the two hoursof the sermon?"