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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I'd be very glad if you could tell me where that lady may be,"Peters answered coolly. "I've a bill against her for nearly ahundred pounds, and nothing to show for it but a couple of trumperypendants that the dealer would hardly look at. She attached herself toMrs. Peters and me at Baden- it is a fact that I was using anothername at the time- and she stuck on to us until we came to London. Ipaid her bill and her ticket. Once in London, she gave us the slip,and, as I say, left these out-of-date jewels to pay her bills. Youfind her, Mr. Holmes, and I'm your debtor."
2.  "Obviously the business was a bad one, and one of the men whodistrusted the other was determined that, whatever was done, eachshould have an equal hand in it. Now, of the two men, it is clear thatthe one who wrote the 'at' and 'to' was the ringleader.'"How do you get at that?"
3.  "There was a pause then for about ten minutes, as if the personwere waiting to see whether the noise had awakened me. Then I hearda gentle creaking as the window was very slowly opened. I couldstand it no longer, for my nerves are not what they used to be. Isprang out of bed and flung open the shutters. A man was crouchingat the window. I could see little of him, for he was gone like aflash. He was wrapped in some sort of cloak which came across thelower part of his face. One thing only I am sure of, and that isthat he had some weapon in his hand. It looked to me like a longknife. I distinctly saw the gleam of it as he turned to run.""This is most interesting," said Holmes. "Pray what did you dothen?"
4.  "Some of it, but the main part at the hotel."
5.  My friend was standing with an expression of strained intensity uponhis face, staring at the railway metals where they curved out of thetunnel. Aldgate is a junction, and there was a network of points. Onthese his eager, questioning eyes were fixed, and I saw on his keen,alert face that tightening of the lips, that quiver of the nostrils,and concentration of the heavy, tufted brows which I knew so well."Points," he muttered; "the points."
6.  "Then let her stay till we can assure her that all danger is past.Meanwhile, let him have his way and do not cross him. So long as he isin a good humour all is well."


1.  "Come, Watson, come!" he cried.
2.  "You compliment me, madam. At the same time, I am a responsibleperson. I do not promise you that when you have spoken I may notmyself think it my duty to refer the case to the police.""I think not, Mr. Holmes. I know your character and methods toowell, for I have followed your work for some years. Reading is theonly pleasure which fate has left me, and I miss little which passesin the world. But in any case, I will take my chance of the usewhich you may make of my tragedy. It will case my mind to tell it.""My friend and I would be glad to hear it."
3.  "Well, well, give him that message. He can come in the morning, orhe can stay away. My work must not be hindered."
4.  "Dear me! that is friendship indeed."
5.  "Our next obvious step is to check, so far as we can, themovements of Mortimer Tregennis after he left the room. In thisthere is no difficulty, and they seem to be above suspicion. Knowingmy methods as you do, you were, of course, conscious of the somewhatclumsy water-pot expedient by which I obtained a clearer impress ofhis foot than might otherwise have been possible. The wet, sandypath took it admirably. Last night was also wet, you will remember,and it was not difficult- having obtained a sample print- to pickout his track among others and to follow his movements. He appearsto have walked away swiftly in the direction of the vicarage."If, then, Mortimer Tregennis disappeared from the scene, and yetsome outside person affected the cardplayers, how can we reconstructthat person, and how was such an impression of horror conveyed? Mrs.Porter may be eliminated. She is evidently harmless. Is there anyevidence that someone crept up to the garden window and in some mannerproduced so terrific an effect that he drove those who saw it out oftheir senses? The only suggestion in this direction comes fromMortimer Tregennis himself, who says that his brother spoke about somemovement in the garden. That is certainly remarkable, as the night wasrainy, cloudy, and dark. Anyone who had the design to alarm thesepeople would be compelled to place his very face against the glassbefore he could be seen. There is a three-foot flower-border outsidethis window, but no indication of a footmark. It is difficult toimagine, then, how an outsider could have made so terrible animpression upon the company, nor have we found any possible motive forso strange and elaborate an attempt. You perceive our difficulties,Watson?"


1.  "Do what you can for me. Let bygones be bygones," he whispered."I'll put the words out of my head- I swear I will. Only cure me,and I'll forget it."
2.  Holmes looked thoroughly surprised at Miss Presbury's narrative."My dear young lady, you say that your room is on the secondfloor. Is there a long ladder in the garden?"
3.  The Duke's beard had turned more aggressively red than everagainst his ghastly white face.
4.  "Ah, yes, Watson- severely practical, as usual! What is at theroot of it all? Mrs. Warren's whimsical problem enlarges somewhatand assumes a more sinister aspect as we proceed. This much we cansay: that it is no ordinary love escapade. You saw the woman's face atthe sign of danger. We have heard, too, of the attack upon thelandlord, which was undoubtedly meant for the lodger. These alarms,and the desperate need for secrecy, argue that the matter is one oflife or death. The attack upon Mr. Warren further shows that theenemy, whoever they are, are themselves not aware of thesubstitution of the female lodger for the male. It is very curious andcomplex, Watson."
5.   "Maybe the two things go together. Anyhow, I couldn't let her go.Besides, with this crowd about, it was well that she should havesomeone near to look after her. Then, when the cable came, I knew theywere bound to make a move."
6.  "Certainly I owe you an explanation, and you shall have it. Butyou will permit me to handle the matter in my own way? Is the ladycapable of seeing us, Watson?"


1.  The plump young man led us to a spot where the top of one of thewooden rails had been cracked. A small fragment of the wood washanging down. Holmes pulled it off and examined it critically."Do you think that was done last night? It looks rather old, does itnot?"
2.  "Most devoted."
3.  "It should give a clue, Mr. Holmes."
4、  "All the time that she was telling me this story she never oncelooked in my direction, and her voice was quite unlike her usualtones. It was evident to me that she was saying what was false. I saidnothing in reply, but turned my face to the wall, sick at heart,with my mind filled with a thousand venomous doubts and suspicions.What was it that my wife was concealing from me? Where had she beenduring that strange expedition? I felt that I should have no peaceuntil I knew, and yet I shrank from asking her again after once shehad told me what was false. All the rest of the night I tossed andtumbled, framing theory after theory, each more unlikely than thelast.
5、  "Later, perhaps. I think we will walk down together and have alook at the scene of the tragedy."




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      The young man pulled his chair up and pushed his wet feet outtowards the blaze.

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      "'Within the last five?'

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       "Well," said he, at last, "I suppose I shall have to come out andhave a look at it."

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      "A man's surely," I cried.

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    {  "What were your plans?" he asked at last.

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      "That is why I have done it," said he.}

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      "Of course I remembered him," said I as I laid down the letter. "BigBob Ferguson, the finest three-quarter Richmond ever had. He wasalways a good-natured chap. It's like him to be so concerned over afriend's case."

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      Dear Watson:

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       "'Ah, smart, smart!' he cried in a kind of ecstasy of delight.'You are the very man for us. You are not to be talked over, and quiteright, too. Now, here's a note for a hundred pounds, and if youthink that we can do business you may just slip it into your pocket asan advance upon your salary.'

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    {  "'Do you know what befell him?'

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      "I know your methods, sir, and I applied them. Before I permittedanything to be moved, I examined most carefully the ground outside,and also the floor of the room. There were no footmarks.""Meaning that you saw none?"