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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The mendicant continued to rip his garments; and drew fromamid his rags a hundred and fifty Spanish double pistoles,which he laid down on the table; then he opened the door,bowed, and went out before the young man, stupefied by hisletter, had ventured to address a word to him.
2.  "You have sent for me, sir," said Athos to M. de Treville, in afeeble yet perfectly calm voice, "you have sent for me, as mycomrades inform me, and I have hastened to receive your orders.I am here; what do you want with me?"
3.  "You are a man of brass," replied Aramis.
4.  "You terrify me, Athos!" cried D'Artagnan. "My God! what do youfear?"
5.  And he pronounced these words with such a solemn air andwith such a real appearance of terror, that Athos eagerlyseized his hand, crying, "Are you wounded, my friend? Howpale you are!"
6.  "What have I, then, done to you," said Felton, much agitated,"that you should load me with such a responsibility before Godand before men? In a few days you will be away from this place;your life, madame, will then no longer be under my care, and,"added he, with a sigh, "then you can do what you will with it.""So," cried Milady, as if she could not resist giving utteranceto a holy indignation, "you, a pious man, you who are called ajust man, you ask but one thing--and that is that you may not beinculpated, annoyed, by my death!"


1.  "For shame!" said Aramis. "Kill a woman? No, listen to me;I have the true idea."
2.  "You can restore it to his family," said D'Artagnan."His family will care much about such a trifle as that! Hisfamily will inherit fifteen thousand louis a year from him.Keep the purse for your lackeys."
3.  "Yes, yes. Would God send the same dreams to you as to me if youdid not love me? Should we have the same presentiments if ourexistences did not touch at the heart? You love me, my beautifulqueen, and you will weep for me?"
4.  "I will wait until you come out."
5.  Milady put her charming blond head out at the window, andgave her orders to her maid.
6.  The four crossed the public room and proceeded to take possessionof the best apartment in the house, which D'Artagnan occupiedwith authority.


1.  "Tell him, I beg you, that I am his humble servant.""I will not fail."
2.  "After having lost my own horse, nine against ten--see how near--I formed an idea of staking yours."
3.  "Yes," said Athos, "magnificent. I did not think twosapphires of such a fine water existed. Have you traded itfor your diamond?"
4.  "And where did they live?"
5.   Kitty's detention was not long. Hardly had D'Artagnan seen,through a crevice in his closet, that the whole apartmentwas in obscurity, than he slipped out of his concealment, atthe very moment when Kitty reclosed the door of
6.  "By my honor, by the faith of a gentleman!" said D'Artagnan, withan accent so truthful that no one could mistake it."Then I believe you. You appear to be a brave young man;besides, your fortune may perhaps be the result of yourdevotedness."


1.  "It is not necessary for Milady* to be seen by this fellow,"continued the stranger. "She will soon pass; she is alreadylate. I had better get on horseback, and go and meet her. Ishould like, however, to know what this letter addressed toTreville contains."
2.  D'Artagnan, who, as we have said, was exceedingly prudentfor a young man of twenty, then remembered his suspicionsregarding Milady. He launched into a eulogy of hisEminence, and said that he should not have failed to enterinto the Guards of the cardinal instead of the king's Guardsif he had happened to know M. de Cavois instead of M. deTreville.
3.  "Admirable! You are rich then, my dear Monsieur Bonacieux?""I am comfortably off, monsieur, that's all; I have scrapedtogether some such thing as an income of two or three thousandcrown in the haberdashery business, but more particularly inventuring some funds in the last voyage of the celebratednavigator Jean Moquet; so that you understand, monsieur--But"cried the citizen.
4、  She saw nothing; she listened, and she heard nothing."Where am I to die?" said she.
5、  "Let us see," said Athos, assuming in advance a criticallook.




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      "I repeat to you, I don't know her."

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      "Then," said the abbess, looking at Milady with increasing interest, "Ibehold another poor victim?"

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       "But your host behaves very well toward you, as it appears, mydear Porthos," said D'Artagnan, directing the sick man'sattention to the full stewpans and the empty bottles."So, so," replied Porthos. "Only three or four days ago theimpertinent jackanapes gave me his bill, and I was forced to turnboth him and his bill out of the door; so that I am heresomething in the fashion of a conqueror, holding my position, asit were, my conquest. So you see, being in constant fear ofbeing forced from that position, I am armed to the teeth.""And yet," said D'Artagnan, laughing, "it appears to me that fromtime to time you must make SORTIES." And he again pointed to thebottles and the stewpans.

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      "Then you would employ for me your arm which has alreadyacquired so much renown?"

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    {  At the end of five hundred paces, more or less, they came to a rivulet,which they forded.

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      "Absolutely, monseigneur; but she has most likely returned to theLouvre."}

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      "You are right," said Felton, after having looked at Milady fromthe spot on which he stood without moving a step toward her. "Goand tell Lord de Winter that his prisoner has fainted--for thisevent not having been foreseen, I don't know what to do."The soldier went out to obey the orders of his officer. Feltonsat down upon an armchair which happened to be near the door, andwaited without speaking a word, without making a gesture. Miladypossessed that great art, so much studied by women, of lookingthrough her long eyelashes without appearing to open the lids.She perceived Felton, who sat with his back toward her. Shecontinued to look at him for nearly ten minutes, and in these tenminutes the immovable guardian never turned round once.She then thought that Lord de Winter would come, and by hispresence give fresh strength to her jailer. Her first trial waslost; she acted like a woman who reckons up her resources. As aresult she raised her head, opened her eyes, and sighed deeply.At this sigh Felton turned round.

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      "Yes, monsieur," replied the citizen, giving a still fainterintonation to his voice.

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       "The devil!" said D'Artagnan.

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    {  "What is this gentleman's name?" asked the commissary."I cannot tell you; I don't know him."

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      "Put your two hands together. Cross them; that's right!"Felton tied her two wrists together with his handkerchief, andthen with a cord over the handkerchief.