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1. 这次是2019年官宣的第二笔融资,第一笔是2019年4月的3000万美元。
2. 对此,该局已要求营口某银行对上述违规业务操作的经办人员、主要负责人员进行处罚。
3.   `Yes, sir.'
4.   A supper-table was laid for two, in the third of the rooms; a round room, in one of the chaateau's four extinguisher-topped towers. A small lofty room, with its window wide open, and the wooden jalousie-blinds closed, so that the dark night only showed in slight horizontal lines of black, alternating with their broad lines of stone colour.
5. 而据知情人称,两兄弟住在附近,但并不认识新郎
6.   'That's rather a chuckle-headed fellow for the girl; isn't he?' said Steerforth.


1. 我是学医的,知道捐卵伤害有多大,根本不可能像网上说的取几颗卵子那么简单。
2.   He loves me!
3.   'By Uriah,' said Agnes.
4.   'No, certainly, not often: because Miss Temple has generallysomething to say which is newer than my own reflections; herlanguage is singularly agreeable to me, and the information shecommunicates is often just what I wished to gain.'
5. 所有的故事都不完整。但如果只是要为自己打造一个行得通的身份认同,为自己的人生赋予意义,我并不需要一个绝无盲点、毫无内部矛盾的完整故事,只要能符合两个条件就行。第一,我在这个故事里至少要扮演某种角色。新几内亚的部落原住民大概不会相信犹太复国主义或塞尔维亚民族主义的故事,因为这些故事里根本没有新几内亚及其人民能上场的份儿。这就像电影明星接剧本一样,人类只会喜欢那些自己能出演重要角色的剧本。
6.   She looked at him, getting his meaning through the fog of the dialect.


1. A chain connects the umbrella to a collar or harness.
2. 原标题:【铅早报】传收购付费通,拼多多回应不予置评。
3. 国际珍稀动物保护日4月8日宜:保护珍惜顾客,上线珍惜度测试页面,据老顾客购物总金额,珍惜度数值与福利,供老顾客晒单朋友圈。
4. 他的变化被所有人看在眼里,离开看守所前,胡杰对毛卓云说:我要好好活下去。
5. 这些公司就有机会收割市场,成为大公司。
6. 原标题:美团单车发起共享单车无差别消毒新京报讯2月2日,美团单车发起无差别消毒倡议,并在北京、广州、天津、西安、厦门、珠海、兰州、太原等城市对负责区域内所有共享单车进行消毒


1. 我理解,疫情这么紧张,哪还有心思四平八稳睡觉?肯定是连轴转的嘛。
2. 我们不难看出现在找一间办公室有多难,而且租赁费用也达到了历史最高。
3. 刘德志赶紧循着味儿四处寻找,发现黑烟正从一墙之隔的邻居范亚山家冒出来。
4.   "You are not coming."
5.   "But, my Lord, if the Lord Chancellor interrogates me upon themotives which may have led your Grace to adopt such anextraordinary measure, what shall I reply?"
6. Terry brightened up immensely at this news, and reconciled himself to the renewed demands upon our capacity as teachers. It was lucky that we knew so little, really, and had no books to refer to, else, I fancy we might all be there yet, teaching those eager-minded women about the rest of the world.


1. 在《我买了一套房,却亏了5000万》中,温城辉写道:“其实世界上有太多比房子更值得投资的事情呀,比如梦想改变世界的年轻人。
2. 但是,这些行为通过毅力和巧妙规避,是可以大量减少的。
3. 上半年长期业务的新造保单保费按年上升18.9%至817亿元。

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      This friar riseth up full courteously, And her embraceth *in his armes narrow,* *closely And kiss'th her sweet, and chirketh as a sparrow With his lippes: "Dame," quoth he, "right well, As he that is your servant every deal.* *whit Thanked be God, that gave you soul and life, Yet saw I not this day so fair a wife In all the churche, God so save me," "Yea, God amend defaultes, Sir," quoth she; "Algates* welcome be ye, by my fay." *always "Grand mercy, Dame; that have I found alway. But of your greate goodness, by your leave, I woulde pray you that ye not you grieve, I will with Thomas speak *a little throw:* *a little while* These curates be so negligent and slow To grope tenderly a conscience. In shrift* and preaching is my diligence *confession And study in Peter's wordes and in Paul's; I walk and fishe Christian menne's souls, To yield our Lord Jesus his proper rent; To spread his word is alle mine intent." "Now by your faith, O deare Sir," quoth she, "Chide him right well, for sainte charity. He is aye angry as is a pismire,* *ant Though that he have all that he can desire, Though I him wrie* at night, and make him warm, *cover And ov'r him lay my leg and eke mine arm, He groaneth as our boar that lies in sty: Other disport of him right none have I, I may not please him in no manner case." "O Thomas, *je vous dis,* Thomas, Thomas, *I tell you* This *maketh the fiend,* this must be amended. *is the devil's work* Ire is a thing that high God hath defended,* *forbidden And thereof will I speak a word or two." "Now, master," quoth the wife, "ere that I go, What will ye dine? I will go thereabout." "Now, Dame," quoth he, "je vous dis sans doute, <9> Had I not of a capon but the liver, And of your white bread not but a shiver,* *thin slice And after that a roasted pigge's head, (But I would that for me no beast were dead,) Then had I with you homely suffisance. I am a man of little sustenance. My spirit hath its fost'ring in the Bible. My body is aye so ready and penible* *painstaking To wake,* that my stomach is destroy'd. *watch I pray you, Dame, that ye be not annoy'd, Though I so friendly you my counsel shew; By God, I would have told it but to few." "Now, Sir," quoth she, "but one word ere I go; My child is dead within these weeke's two, Soon after that ye went out of this town."