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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Pray do so."
2.  "Ah, yes, I understand," replied the patron, "to find theentrance to the enchanted apartment. With much pleasure,your excellency, if it would amuse you; and I will get youthe torch you ask for. But I too have had the idea you have,and two or three times the same fancy has come over me; butI have always given it up. Giovanni, light a torch," headded, "and give it to his excellency."
3.  "Ah, grandmamma," murmured Valentine, pressing her lips onthe burning brow, "do you wish to kill me? Oh, how feverishyou are; we must not send for a notary, but for a doctor."
4.  "What is the matter?" asked Debray, in a whisper, of MadameDanglars.
5.  "Have a care how far you pledge yourself, my good friend,for I may remind you of your promise at some, perhaps, notvery distant period, when I, in my turn, may require youraid and influence."
6.  "But look!" exclaimed Madame Danglars.


1.  "And he is not robbed?"
2.  "Your child -- your son -- your Andrea!"
3.  "Why, what good would it do?" asked Caderousse. "If the poorlad were living, and came to me and begged that I wouldcandidly tell which were his true and which his falsefriends, why, perhaps, I should not hesitate. But you tellme he is no more, and therefore can have nothing to do withhatred or revenge, so let all such feeling be buried withhim."
4.  "Is your horse tired?"
5.  "There was a third person with them whom I knew perfectlywell, and who had, in all probability made theiracquaintance; he was a tailor named Caderousse, but he wasvery drunk. Stay! -- stay! -- How strange that it should nothave occurred to me before! Now I remember quite well, thaton the table round which they were sitting were pens, ink,and paper. Oh, the heartless, treacherous scoundrels!"exclaimed Dantes, pressing his hand to his throbbing brows.
6.  "Let me assure you, madame," said Lucien, "that had I reallythe sum you mention at my disposal, I would employ it moreprofitably than in troubling myself to obtain particularsrespecting the Count of Monte Cristo, whose only merit in myeyes consists in his being twice as rich as a nabob.However, I have turned the business over to Morcerf, so praysettle it with him as may be most agreeable to you; for myown part, I care nothing about the count or his mysteriousdoings."


1.  "Yes," said Chateau-Renaud, "these Italians are well namedand badly dressed."
2.  "Talking of countries," replied Franz, "of what country isthe count, what is his native tongue, whence does he derivehis immense fortune, and what were those events of his earlylife -- a life as marvellous as unknown -- that havetinctured his succeeding years with so dark and gloomy amisanthropy? Certainly these are questions that, in yourplace, I should like to have answered."
3.  "It was very boldly written, if disguised."
4.  A painful giddiness overwhelmed Villefort; great drops ofacrid sweat fell from his face upon the papers which he heldin his convulsed hand.
5.   "Yes, sir," said the major, "she has" --
6.  Monte Cristo turned to Albert. "Do you know modern Greek,"asked he.


1.  "There is no need to do that," said Franz, taking out histablets; "for I saw the account, and copied it down."
2.  "Judge for yourself," replied he. "The postscript isexplicit."
3.  "I am ready," said Maximilian; "I came expressly to wishthem farewell."
4、  "Well, that tends to confirm my own ideas," said Franz,"that the countess's suspicions were destitute alike ofsense and reason. Did he speak in your hearing? and did youcatch any of his words?"
5、  "I will keep it," returned Morcerf; "but I fear that youwill be much disappointed, accustomed as you are topicturesque events and fantastic horizons. Amongst us youwill not meet with any of those episodes with which youradventurous existence has so familiarized you; ourChimborazo is Mortmartre, our Himalaya is Mount Valerien,our Great Desert is the plain of Grenelle, where they arenow boring an artesian well to water the caravans. We haveplenty of thieves, though not so many as is said; but thesethieves stand in far more dread of a policeman than a lord.France is so prosaic, and Paris so civilized a city, thatyou will not find in its eighty-five departments -- I sayeighty-five, because I do not include Corsica -- you willnot find, then, in these eighty-five departments a singlehill on which there is not a telegraph, or a grotto in whichthe commissary of police has not put up a gaslamp. There isbut one service I can render you, and for that I placemyself entirely at your orders, that is, to present, or makemy friends present, you everywhere; besides, you have noneed of any one to introduce you -- with your name, and yourfortune, and your talent" (Monte Cristo bowed with asomewhat ironical smile) "you can present yourselfeverywhere, and be well received. I can be useful in one wayonly -- if knowledge of Parisian habits, of the means ofrendering yourself comfortable, or of the bazaars, canassist, you may depend upon me to find you a fittingdwelling here. I do not dare offer to share my apartmentswith you, as I shared yours at Rome -- I, who do not professegotism, but am yet egotist par excellence; for, exceptmyself, these rooms would not hold a shadow more, unlessthat shadow were feminine."




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      "Thank you, no, sir "

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      "Yes; they were talking about it when we left Paris," saidM. de Saint-Meran; "and where is it decided to transferhim?"

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       "I really must ask you to excuse me, M. Morrel. My firstvisit is due to my father, though I am not the less gratefulfor the honor you have done me."

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      "Mademoiselle, mademoiselle!" exclaimed a voice from behindthe trees. "Madame is searching for you everywhere; there isa visitor in the drawing-room."

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    {  In spite of his repugnance to address the guards, Dantesturned to the nearest gendarme, and taking his hand, --

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      "At the end of the first attack I discovered symptoms oftetanus; you confirmed my opinion."}

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      "And I," replied the visitor, changing his idiom, "knowenough of English to keep up the conversation. Do not putyourself to the slightest inconvenience."

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      "We are going to the greenhouse that you see at the otherend of the grove."

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       "Well, then, will you do as much for me in Paris as Franzdid for you in Rome?"

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    {  "Yes, I promised you." The Count watched Albert, waving hishand to him. When he had mounted his phaeton, Monte Cristoturned, and seeing Bertuccio, "What news?" said he. "Shewent to the Palais," replied the steward.

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      "Your father was fortunate, then?" said he.