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1.   `You deceive yourself, monsieur,' returned the keeper of the wine-shop. `You mistake me for another. That is not my name. I am Ernest Defarge.'
2. 要知道,链家花了整整十年的时间,才实现这个数字。
3.   On Monday she arose early and prepared to go to work. She dressedherself in a worn shirt-waist of dotted blue percale, a skirt oflight-brown serge rather faded, and a small straw hat which shehad worn all summer at Columbia City. Her shoes were old, andher necktie was in that crumpled, flattened state which time andmuch wearing impart. She made a very average looking shop-girlwith the exception of her features. These were slightly more eventhan common, and gave her a sweet, reserved, and pleasingappearance.
4. 在接受路透社采访时,HarmitSingh谈及关闭中国门店表示:这将在短期内阻碍我们的增长目标。
5. 但随着美国接近实现充分就业,随着通胀向目标水平趋近,“你可以看到收紧政策是有道理的,”他说,“不需要很多就足以改变整个平衡”。
6. 曾经强烈反对他成为职业电竞选手的父亲,如今也改变了看法。


1. ——《好战略坏战略》健康的增长不需要处心积虑的策划,它是企业市场需求增加的结果,是企业能力拓展、深化的结果,是企业产品和技能出类拔萃的结果,是企业成功革新、智慧、高效和创新的结果。
2. 不少小超市的门都开着,但路上没什么人。
3.   "Yes, monseigneur; but in that unfortunate affair atMeung--"
4. copyright
5. 的确,唐朝尤其是盛唐是我国文化发达时期之一,加之唐皇李世民本人文化底蕴较高,又甚爱丹青妙作,所以当时画师如云,供职于唐皇身边的大画师人才如流,其中阎立本、吴道子、李思训、王维(唐代著名诗人)以及曹霸等,多系供职朝廷身边专门画师,深受皇帝、皇后及妃子们喜爱。尤其是阎立本,不但画儿画得超凡脱俗,高人一筹,而且为官清正、运智谋略、才华出众,后升为“同中书门下平章事”(即宰相)。因此,如果能同这个女郎套出实货、实价,那就可以以此为标准比对和参照这张画的价格,拍定他手中的《钟馗捉鬼图》的底价了。想到这儿,他下意识地同女郎一起走到离八仙庵文物市场百多米远的一家小餐馆。“不知您贵姓大名?”
6.   "Good heavens!" cried Holmes. "I had totally forgotten him. Mydear Watson, I owe you a thousand apologies. To think that I shouldhave overlooked you! I need not introduce you to Mr. CulvertonSmith, since I understand that you met somewhat earlier in theevening. Have you the cab below? I will follow you when I amdressed, for I may be of some use at the station.


1. 你可以观察他们的餐厅饭点的时候忙不忙。
2. 假如真能发现某个参与者打算采取一种行动方针,而这种行动方针并非其均衡随机混合策略,另一个参与者就可以利用这一点占他的便宜。在网球比赛的例子中,当发球者采取自己的均衡策略,按照40:60的比例选择攻击对方正手方和反手方时,接球者的成功率为48%。如果发球者采取其他比例,接球者的成功率就会上升。举个例子:假如发球者很傻,决定把所有的球都发向对方较弱的反手方,接球者由于早有预料,其成功率将会增至60%。一般来说,假如接球者认识发球者,确切了解他有什么癖好,他就能相应采取行动。不过,这么做永远存在一种危险,即发球者可能是一个更出色的策略家,好比台球桌旁的骗子,懂得在无关紧要的时候装出只会采用糟糕策略的傻样,引诱对方上当,然后在关键时刻发挥本色,打接球者一个措手不及。一旦接球者以为看穿了对方的惯用手法,而放弃自己的均衡混合策略,一心要占对方便宜,就会上发球者的当。发球者乍看起来很傻的混合策略可能只是一个陷阱。只有采取自己的均衡混合策略才能避免这一危险。
3. 其中,分析师最看好谷歌的广告业务
4.   `--And if it does come, while we live to see it triumph--I hope, for her sake, Destiny will keep her husband out of France.'
5. 不过,下沉市场的用户能靠着买买买打造出一个拼多度,但并不能一定会因为住住住成全一个OYO。
6. 华为手机没有轻薄束缚,牺牲厚度换功能,符合理工男气质。


1. 目前中国的消费人群结构正逐渐发生着变化。
2.   I am not clear whether he was going to strike Mr. Mell, or Mr. Mell was going to strike him, or there was any such intention on either side. I saw a rigidity come upon the whole school as if they had been turned into stone, and found Mr. Creakle in the midst of us, with Tungay at his side, and Mrs. and Miss Creakle looking in at the door as if they were frightened. Mr. Mell, with his elbows on his desk and his face in his hands, sat, for some moments, quite still.
3.   'And what are the other teachers called?'
4. 2、韩国部分医疗中介收取高达50%介绍费韩国整容市场规模在2017年就突破了5万亿韩元(约合300亿元人民币),占到全球整容市场的四分之一。
5. 其中,北部医疗中心位于西北旺亮甲店,为三甲综合医院,总建筑面积18万平方米,预计今年三季度实现开工建设。
6. "I wish she hadn't gone so quick," she said. "I'm blest if she shouldn't have had a dozen." Then she turned to the child.


1.   (He turns over the leaves of the book impatiently, and perceives the sigh ofthe Earth - spirit.)
2. 也包括O2O风潮带来的一系列上门增值服务,比如河狸家上门美甲。
3. 赖奕龙:他的意思就是寒冬期你去找谁也没用。

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    Anyone who has not done this does not know what a different world they saw. The slates spread out on either side of them and slanted down into the rain gutter-pipes. The sparrows, being at home there, twittered and hopped about quite without fear. Two of them perched on the chimney top nearest and quarrelled with each other fiercely until one pecked the other and drove him away. The garret window next to theirs was shut because the house next door was empty.

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      Funerals had at all times a remarkable attraction for Mr. Cruncher; he always pricked up his senses, and became excited, when a funeral passed Tellson's. Naturally, therefore, a funeral with this uncommon attendance excited him greatly, and he asked of the first man who ran against him: