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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Listen! You must try to see her, and have an explanationwith her. Say to her: 'Peace or war! My word as agentleman never to say anything of you, never to do anythingagainst you; on your side, a solemn oath to remain neutralwith respect to me. If not, I will apply to the chancellor,I will apply to the king, I will apply to the hangman, Iwill move the courts against you, I will denounce you asbranded, I will bring you to trial; and if you areacquitted, well, by the faith of a gentleman, I will killyou at the corner of some wall, as I would a mad dog.'""I like the means well enough," said D'Artagnan, "but whereand how to meet with her?"
2.  A similar signal replied to him; and five minutes after, a boatappeared, rowed by four men.
3.  "I am, then, your prisoner?"
4.  "How did it come about?"
5.  "And you say this young man behaved himself well? Tell me how,Treville--you know how I delight in accounts of war andfighting."
6.  "De Wardes cannot boast of anything."


1.  "But the wine," said D'Artagnan, "who furnishes the wine? Yourhost?"
2.  The whole of the next day was spent in preparations fordeparture. D'Artagnan went to take leave of M. de Treville.At that time it was believed that the separation of theMusketeers and the Guards would be but momentary, the kingholding his Parliament that very day and proposing to setout the day after. M. de Treville contented himself withasking D'Artagnan if he could do anything for him, butD'Artagnan answered that he was supplied with all he wanted.That night brought together all those comrades of the Guardsof M. Dessessart and the company of Musketeers of M. deTreville who had been accustomed to associate together.They were parting to meet again when it pleased God, and ifit pleased God. That night, then, was somewhat riotous, asmay be imagined. In such cases extreme preoccupation isonly to be combated by extreme carelessness.
3.  It was thus with Milady. She escaped the cruisers of both nations, andarrived at Boulogne without accident.
4.  "Then I paid the host six."
5.  No signature.
6.  "When someone came and brought her a handkerchief from herlaundress."


1.  They walked arm in arm, occupying the whole width of the streetand taking in every Musketeer they met, so that in the end itbecame a triumphal march. The heart of D'Artagnan swam indelirium; he marched between Athos and Porthos, pressing themtenderly.
2.  And the travelers buried their rowels in their horses' flanks,who thus vigorously stimulated recovered their energies. Theyarrived at Amiens at midnight, and alighted at the AUBERGE of theGolden Lily.
3.  "I wished to know the detail," said she, "because, havingmany relatives in business, I was almost sure of obtainingthings at a hundred per cent less than you would payyourself."
4.  "You will leave D'Artagnan to act as he thinks proper," saidAthos. "He has, I repeat, the longest head of the four, and formy part I declare that I will obey him. Do as you think best,D'Artagnan."
5.   "Well," said the prisoner, when the door was shut, "I am not sofar advanced as I believed. De Winter has changed his usualstupidity into a strange prudence. It is the desire ofvengeance, and how desire molds a man! As to Felton, hehesitates. Ah, he is not a man like that cursed D'Artagnan. APuritan only adores virgins, and he adores them by clasping hishands. A Musketeer loves women, and he loves them by claspinghis arms round them."
6.  This was the more so because Bonacieux's reflections were allrose-colored. Rochefort called him his friend, his dearBonacieux, and never ceased telling him that the cardinal had agreat respect for him. The mercer fancied himself already on thehigh road to honors and fortune.


2.  D'Artagnan burst into a laugh which changed the shiver of thehost into a burning fever.
3.  "By knocking at his door. Go."
4、  The invention of the mousetrap does not date from our days; assoon as societies, in forming, had invented any kind of police,that police invented mousetraps.
5、  "Now, then, who are you?" asked the Englishman.




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      "Was it ever known who this miserable fellow was?""He was doubtless the first lover and accomplice of the fairlady. A worthy man, who had pretended to be a curate for thepurpose of getting his mistress married, and securing her aposition. He has been hanged and quartered, I hope.""My God, my God!" cried D'Artagnan, quite stunned by the relationof this horrible adventure.

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      "He will ask you what you want, and you will answer by these twowords, 'Tours' and 'Bruxelles.' He will at once put himself atyour orders."

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       Although the young man was brave, as we know, he wasterrified at that wild countenance, those terribly dilatedpupils, those pale cheeks, and those bleeding lips. Herecoiled to the other side of the room as he would have donefrom a serpent which was crawling toward him, and his swordcoming in contact with his nervous hand, he drew it almostunconsciously from the scabbard. But without taking anyheed of the sword, Milady endeavored to get near enough tohim to stab him, and did not stop till she felt the sharppoint at her throat.

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      "Yes," said Athos, "magnificent. I did not think twosapphires of such a fine water existed. Have you traded itfor your diamond?"

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    {  "Don't dream it, Athos. I don't need the quarter of such asum--I who am still only in the Guards--and by selling mysaddles, I shall procure it. What do I want? A horse forPlanchet, that's all. Besides, you forget that I have aring likewise."

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      It goes without saying that this impatience to return toward Paris hadfor a cause the danger which Mme. Bonacieux would run of meeting at theconvent of Bethune with Milady, her mortal enemy. Aramis therefore hadwritten immediately to Marie Michon, the seamstress at Tours who hadsuch fine acquaintances, to obtain from the queen authority for Mme.Bonacieux to leave the convent, and to retire either into Lorraine orBelgium. They had not long to wait for an answer. Eight or ten daysafterward Aramis received the following letter:}

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      "Be," said the letter, "on Thursday next, at from six toseven o'clock in the evening, on the road to Chaillot, andlook carefully into the carriages that pass; but if you haveany consideration for your own life or that of those wholove you, do not speak a single word, do not make a movementwhich may lead anyone to believe you have recognized her whoexposes herself to everything for the sake of seeing you butfor an instant."

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      "That head has never conspired," murmured he, "but it mattersnot; we will see."

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       "What is that?"

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    {  "Aramis!"

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      The two men in black bowed in their turn.