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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No; you are, on the contrary, adorable."
2.  "He came, he said, on the part of his Eminence, who wished youwell, and to beg you to follow him to the Palais-Royal."**It was called the Palais-Cardinal before Richelieu gave it tothe King.
3.  Then the cardinal added, "A PROPOS, sire, do not forget to tellher Majesty the evening before the fete that you should like tosee how her diamond studs become her."
4.  The city, notwithstanding the incredible perseverance of itsmayor, had attempted a sort of mutiny for a surrender; the mayorhad hanged the mutineers. This execution quieted the ill-disposed, who resolved to allow themselves to die of hunger--thisdeath always appearing to them more slow and less sure thanstrangulation.
5.  "Kitty," said he, "I will read to the bottom of your soulwhen-ever you like; don't let that disturb you." And he gaveher a kiss at which the poor girl became as red as a cherry."Oh, no," said Kitty, "it is not me you love! It is mymistress you love; you told me so just now."
6.  "It appears that our journey was a remounting journey, then?""Exactly so," said D'Artagnan; and nodding to Planchet, he wentout.


1.  "'In the first place,' said he, 'I wish my lackey placed with me,fully armed.' We hastened to obey this order; for you willplease to understand, monsieur, we were disposed to do everythingyour friend could desire. Monsieur Grimaud (he told us his name,although he does not talk much)-Monsieur Grimaud, then, went downto the cellar, wounded as he was; then his master, havingadmitted him, barricaded the door afresh, and ordered us toremain quietly in our own bar."
2.  All this was of such incredible immodesty, of such monstrouseffrontery, that D'Artagnan could scarcely believe what hesaw or what he heard. He imagined himself to be drawn intoone of those fantastic intrigues one meets in dreams. He,however, darted not the less quickly toward Milady, yieldingto that magnetic attraction which the loadstone exercisesover iron.
3.  "Well, I left them on my road--Porthos at Chantilly, with a duelon his hands; Aramis at Crevecoeur, with a ball in his shoulder;and Athos at Amiens, detained by an accusation of coining.""See there, now!" said M. de Treville; "and how the devil did youescape?"
4.  During the time which Lord de Winter took to shut the door, closea shutter, and draw a chair near to his sister-in-law's fauteuil,Milady, anxiously thoughtful, plunged her glance into the depthsof possibility, and discovered all the plan, of which she couldnot even obtain a glance as long as she was ignorant into whosehands she had fallen. She knew her brother-in-law to be a worthygentleman, a bold hunter, an intrepid player, enterprising withwomen, but by no means remarkable for his skill in intrigues.How had he discovered her arrival, and caused her to be seized?Why did he detain her?
5.  "As it was a time of war between the Catholics and the Huguenots,and as he saw the Catholics exterminate the Huguenots and theHuguenots exterminate the Catholics--all in the name ofreligion--he adopted a mixed belief which permitted him to besometimes Catholic, sometimes a Huguenot. Now, he was accustomedto walk with his fowling piece on his shoulder, behind the hedgeswhich border the roads, and when he saw a Catholic coming alone,the Protestant religion immediately prevailed in his mind. Helowered his gun in the direction of the traveler; then, when hewas within ten paces of him, he commenced a conversation whichalmost always ended by the traveler's abandoning his purse tosave his life. It goes without saying that when he saw aHuguenot coming, he felt himself filled with such ardent Catholiczeal that he could not understand how, a quarter of an hourbefore, he had been able to have any doubts upon the superiorityof our holy religion. For my part, monsieur, I am Catholic--myfather, faithful to his principles, having made my elder brothera Huguenot."
6.  These three yeses had been pronounced by Athos, each with asadder intonation.


1.  "Ah, wooi, a vager!" cried the Swiss.
2.  This time Aramis was not angry, but assumed the most modest airand replied in a friendly tone, "My dear friend, do not forgetthat I wish to belong to the Church, and that I avoid all mundaneopportunities. The handkerchief you saw had not been given tome, but it had been forgotten and left at my house by one of myfriends. I was obliged to pick it up in order not to compromisehim and the lady he loves. As for myself, I neither have, nordesire to have, a mistress, following in that respect the veryjudicious example of Athos, who has none any more than I have.""But what the devil! You are not a priest, you are a Musketeer!""A Musketeer for a time, my friend, as the cardinal says, aMusketeer against my will, but a churchman at heart, believe me.Athos and Porthos dragged me into this to occupy me. I had, atthe moment of being ordained, a little difficulty with--But thatwould not interest you, and I am taking up your valuable time.""Not at all; it interests me very much," cried D'Artagnan; "andat this moment I have absolutely nothing to do."
3.  "Dicers' oaths!" said Athos, while D'Artagnan went toconduct Kitty downstairs.
4.  The imprudent young man expected a surprise, mixed withshame--a slight storm which would resolve itself into tears;but he was strangely deceived, and his error was not of longduration.
5.   "Devil take me if I taste one of them!" murmured Porthos tohimself, and then said aloud, "Thank you, my cousin, I am nolonger hungry."
6.  M. Bonacieux lived on very quietly, wholly ignorant of what had become of hiswife, and caring very little about it. One day he had the imprudence torecall himself to the memory of the cardinal. The cardinal had him informedthat he would provide for him so that he should never want for anything infuture. In fact, M. Bonacieux, having left his house at seven o'clock in theevening to go to the Louvre, never appeared again in the Rue des Fossoyeurs;the opinion of those who seemed to be best informed was that he was fed andlodged in some royal castle, at the expense of his generous Eminence.


1.  All at once the captain stopped, as if struck by a suddensuspicion. This great hatred which the young traveler manifestedso loudly for this man, who--a rather improbable thing--hadstolen his father's letter from him--was there not some perfidyconcealed under this hatred? Might not this young man be sent byhis Eminence? Might he not have come for the purpose of laying asnare for him? This pretended D'Artagnan--was he not an emissaryof the cardinal, whom the cardinal sought to introduce intoTreville's house, to place near him, to win his confidence, andafterward to ruin him as had been done in a thousand otherinstances? He fixed his eyes upon D'Artagnan even more earnestlythan before. He was moderately reassured however, by the aspectof that countenance, full of astute intelligence and affectedhumility. "I know he is a Gascon," reflected he, "but he may beone for the cardinal was well as for me. Let us try him.""My friend," said he, slowly, "I wish, as the son of an ancientfriend--for I consider this story of the lost letter perfectlytrue--I wish, I say, in order to repair the coldness you may haveremarked in my reception of you, to discover to you the secretsof our policy. The king and the cardinal are the best offriends; their apparent bickerings are only feints to deceivefools. I am not willing that a compatriot, a handsome cavalier,a brave youth, quite fit to make his way, should become the dupeof all these artifices and fall into the snare after the exampleof so many others who have been ruined by it. Be assured that Iam devoted to both these all-powerful masters, and that myearnest endeavors have no other aim than the service of the king,and also the cardinal--one of the most illustrious geniuses thatFrance has ever produced.
2.  assassinated, and beg him not to lose sight of her. Thereis in London, I hope, some establishment like that of theMagdalens, or of the Repentant Daughters. He must place hissister in one of these, and we shall be in peace.""Yes," said D'Artagnan, "till she comes out."
3.  "Now escort me."
4、  Aramis blushed to the eyes, crammed in the letter, andre-buttoned his doublet.
5、  On their part the Musketeers, who had not much to do withthe siege, were not under very strict orders and led ajoyous life. The was the more easy for our three companionsin particular; for being friends of M. de Treville, theyobtained from him special permission to be absent after theclosing of the camp.




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      "But you say she is English?"

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      "Which I received this morning."

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       Someone was heard in the corridor; Milady recognized the step ofLord de Winter.

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      "I have avenged myself!" said he.

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    {  D'Artagnan sank on his knees and prayed.

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      "In truth, my young friend, you will act rightly," said thegentleman, pressing the Gascon's hand with an affectionalmost paternal; "and God grant that this woman, who hasscarcely entered into your life, may not leave a terribletrace in it!" And Athos bowed to D'Artagnan like a man whowishes it understood that he would not be sorry to be leftalone with his thoughts.}

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      "Zounds, Lieutenant!" said he; "you are not unlucky in beingcharged with such commissions, particularly if my Lord hasauthorized you to look into her bed."

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      "No," said she, "you will avenge me; but you will not bedead. He is a coward."

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       "Oh, you are a just man!" cried Milady, throwing herself at hisfeet. "I can hold out no longer, for I fear I shall be wantingin strength at the moment when I shall be forced to undergo thestruggle, and confess my faith. Listen, then, to thesupplication of a despairing woman. You are abused, sir; butthat is not the question. I only ask you one favor; and if yougrant it me, I will bless you in this world and in the next.""Speak to the master, madame," said Felton; "happily I am neithercharged with the power of pardoning nor punishing. It is uponone higher placed than I am that God has laid thisresponsibility."

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    {  "My idea?" said D'Artagnan.

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      "By a mode of proceeding known to myself, and by which I likewiseoverheard the more animated conversation which had with thecardinal's police."