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1.   Then Minerva left Scheria and went away over the sea. She went toMarathon and to the spacious streets of Athens, where she enteredthe abode of Erechtheus; but Ulysses went on to the house of Alcinous,and he pondered much as he paused a while before reaching thethreshold of bronze, for the splendour of the palace was like thatof the sun or moon. The walls on either side were of bronze from endto end, and the cornice was of blue enamel. The doors were gold, andhung on pillars of silver that rose from a floor of bronze, whilethe lintel was silver and the hook of the door was of gold.
2. 这意味着所有移动支付提供商都必须将QR代码替换为QRIS,以简化交易。
3.   "Oh, this is gambling," smiled Carrie. "It's bad."
4.   But I must here remark that I do not suppose that the process ever goes on so regularly as is represented in the diagram, though in itself made somewhat irregular. I am far from thinking that the most divergent varieties will invariably prevail and multiply: a medium form may often long endure, and may or may not produce more than one modified descendant; for natural selection will always act according to the nature of the places which are either unoccupied or not perfectly occupied by other beings; and this will depend on infinitely complex relations. But as a general rule, the more diversified in structure the descendants from any one species can be rendered, the more places they will be enabled to seize on, and the more their modified progeny will be increased. In our diagram the line of succession is broken at regular intervals by small numbered letters marking the successive forms which have become sufficiently distinct to be recorded as varieties. But these breaks are imaginary, and might have been inserted anywhere, after intervals long enough to have allowed the accumulation of a considerable amount of divergent variation.As all the modified descendants from a common and widely-diffused species, belonging to a large genus, will tend to partake of the same advantages which made their parent successful in life, they will generally go on multiplying in number as well as diverging in character: this is represented in the diagram by the several divergent branches proceeding from (A). The modified offspring from the later and more highly improved branches in the lines of descent, will, it is probable, often take the place of, and so destroy, the earlier and less improved branches: this is represented in the diagram by some of the lower branches not reaching to the upper horizontal lines. In some cases I do not doubt that the process of modification will be confined to a single line of descent, and the number of the descendants will not be increased; although the amount of divergent modification may have been increased in the successive generations. This case would be represented in the diagram, if all the lines proceeding from (A) were removed, excepting that from a1 to a10 In the same way, for instance, the English race-horse and English pointer have apparently both gone on slowly diverging in character from their original stocks, without either having given off any fresh branches or races.After ten thousand generations, species (A) is supposed to have produced three forms, a10, f10, and m10, which, from having diverged in character during the successive generations, will have come to differ largely, but perhaps unequally, from each other and from their common parent. If we suppose the amount of change between each horizontal line in our diagram to be excessively small, these three forms may still be only well-marked varieties; or they may have arrived at the doubtful category of sub-species; but we have only to suppose the steps in the process of modification to be more numerous or greater in amount, to convert these three forms into well-defined species: thus the diagram illustrates the steps by which the small differences distinguishing varieties are increased into the larger differences distinguishing species. By continuing the same process for a greater number of generations (as shown in the diagram in a condensed and simplified manner), we get eight species, marked by the letters between a14 and m14, all descended from (A). Thus, as I believe, species are multiplied and genera are formed.In a large genus it is probable that more than one species would vary. In the diagram I have assumed that a second species (I) has produced, by analogous steps, after ten thousand generations, either two well-marked varieties (w10 and z10) or two species, according to the amount of change supposed to be represented between the horizontal lines. After fourteen thousand generations, six new species, marked by the letters n14 to z14, are supposed to have been produced. In each genus, the species, which are already extremely different in character, will generally tend to produce the greatest number of modified descendants; for these will have the best chance of filling new and widely different places in the polity of nature: hence in the diagram I have chosen the extreme species (A), and the nearly extreme species (I), as those which have largely varied, and have given rise to new varieties and species. The other nine species (marked by capital letters) of our original genus, may for a long period continue transmitting unaltered descendants; and this is shown in the diagram by the dotted lines not prolonged far upwards from want of space.But during the process of modification, represented in the diagram, another of our principles, namely that of extinction, will have played an important part. As in each fully stocked country natural selection necessarily acts by the selected form having some advantage in the struggle for life over other forms, there will be a constant tendency in the improved descendants of any one species to supplant and exterminate in each stage of descent their predecessors and their original parent. For it should be remembered that the competition will generally be most severe between those forms which are most nearly related to each other in habits, constitution, and structure. Hence all the intermediate forms between the earlier and later states, that is between the less and more improved state of a species, as well as the original parent-species itself, will generally tend to become extinct. So it probably will be with many whole collateral lines of descent, which will be conquered by later and improved lines of descent. If, however, the modified offspring of a species get into some distinct country, or become quickly adapted to some quite new station, in which child and parent do not come into competition, both may continue to exist.If then our diagram be assumed to represent a considerable amount of modification, species (A) and all the earlier varieties will have become extinct, having been replaced by eight new species (a14 to m14); and (I) will have been replaced by six (n14 to z14) new species.
5.   `God knows it is a shame!'
6. 同时,因为中国的环境我们太熟了,到海外说公有云、私有云的排名,原来在国内我们看不到的竞争对手都在,AWS、VMware、Google等,与这些重量级选手较量,这是非常艰难的。


1.  据百度站长平台公告,要进入这个VIP俱乐部,是需要有“邀请码”的。
2. 如果是男童自己嬉闹、不小心撞上了老人的自行车,那么男童受伤的责任恐怕主要在自己。
3.  将注意力引导到特定元素留白让留白所包围的元素显得更加突出,如果你想让某个元素从整个设计中脱颖而出,用留白来突出它是最直接的办法。
4. 他称,好像人数没有(网传的200人)那么多,约有二三十人。
5.   9. At Dunmow prevailed the custom of giving, amid much merry making, a flitch of bacon to the married pair who had lived together for a year without quarrel or regret. The same custom prevailed of old in Bretagne.
6. 女王每次都是飞机一停就像子弹一样迅速下飞机。


1. 通过多样化的管理与科普,患者餐后血糖管理得当,血糖达标率都有明显提升。
2. [解说]那位靠着捡破烂,带着患有精神疾病的母亲考上大学,如今已是一位高中副校长的刘秀祥说,只期盼母亲能够健健康康,平平安安。
3.   "To be sure, -- why not?"
4. 这里我要提出合约与交易费用的关系的第一个重点了,我称之为「履行定律」(thelawofcontractualperformance)。这定律分两部分。第一部分是任何量度都有(交易)费用,而生产要素合约的量度是为了算价或算工资。任何生产要素都可以用多种不同特质(property)量度,甚至可以像钻石那样,选几项特质量度而作价。然而,生产要素一般没有钻石那样名贵,选作量度而作价的特质通常不多。如果只选一项,其选择不是单看量度(交易)费用低,而是量度费用与这量度所带来的生产最高净收益。这样,在边际上,量度的费用会与收益相等。如果多加量度其他的特质会增加净收益,被量度而作价的特质会增加。
5. To SKN Company in Russia for exploding old Russian ammunition and creating diamonds. Now that`s recycling!
6.   And the keeper, his thin, white body, like a lonely pistil of an invisible flower! She had forgotten him in her unspeakable depression. But now something roused...`Pale beyond porch and portal'...the thing to do was to pass the porches and the portals.


1. 我花很多时间跟同事聊天,正式的、非正式的,开会是最无效的一种,但没办法,有些形式还是要走。
2. 不够革命的她不仅要被踢出队伍,还要被拉出来鞭笞。
3. 选择好对象后,团伙女成员便会和被害人约会吃饭,在此过程中想办法劝受害人喝酒,然后再让其酒后开车相送,伺机追尾被害人车辆。
4. 郭勋、张寅案——郭勋是明初名将武定侯郭英的后裔。世宗时袭封武定侯爵,掌领团营。大礼之议,曾赞助张璁。山西太原卫指挥张寅得识郭勋。张寅仇家薛良揭发他原名李福达,是山西代州人,曾随从叔父李钺参加过弥勒教的反乱,李钺被杀,福达逃走,改换姓名。张寅自动到官置对。代州知州坐实其罪。巡抚毕昭则认为是仇家诬陷。一五二六年秋,御史马录巡视山西,重新查问此案。郭勋写信给马录,托请免于追究。马录将来信上奏,并弹劾郭勋庇奸乱法。世宗交付都察院审理。大理寺评事杜鸾说席书助郭勋偏袒张寅,上书请先将郭、席二人正法,然后再审此案。十一月,世宗准左都御史聂贤等奏,将张寅系狱待决,诘责郭勋,不予问罪。张寅子大仁上书为父申冤。给事中、御史亭台谏官连章劾奏,说大仁上书申冤是经郭勋指点,郭勋“交通逆贼”、“知情故纵”、“党护叛逆”,应置重典连坐。郭勋向世宗申诉,说是因议礼得罪廷臣。廷臣内外交结,借事陷害,并将渐及议礼诸臣。世宗命将人犯逮京,由刑部尚书颜颐寿等会同大理寺审讯,颜颐寿等再次坐实此案。世宗说要亲自审问。颜颐寿等又改指为疑狱。世宗更加怀疑。一五二七年四月,世宗将颜颐寿等审问过此案的官员,俱系诏狱。命桂萼摄刑部,张璁摄都察院,方献夫摄大理寺共同审理。御史马录被迫承认“挟私故入人罪”。遂以仇家诬告定案。世宗要将马录处死,张璁、桂萼等说他罪不至死,请予宽宥,改为谪戍。世宗又将审问过此案的布政使李琼等十二人谪戍,左都御史聂贤等十一人削职为民,刑部尚书颜颐寿等十七人革职闲住。因此事获罪的官员多至四十余人。此案起于民间仇怨,张寅是否李福达本在疑似之间,既使属实,也只是曾经随从作乱,并非起义首领,且早已降附明朝,在军中效力,前罪并非必不可赦。台谏官因此案群起劾奏郭勋,兼及席书,显然是借题发挥,小题大作。谷应泰《明史纪事本末》论此事说,当福达叛乱时,郭勋岂曾参与谋划?说他嗾使申冤,也并不一定真有。最多只能治他个请托之罪,为什么一走要连坐?况且“知情藏匿故纵”之律与郭勋本不相似,一定要据此治罪,置于重典,只能是激成翻案(《明史经事本末》卷五十六)。郭勋在朝并非贤臣,后因贪婪谋利等罪被劾,死于狱中。但就此案而论,谷应泰的剖析,则较为公允。谷氏又指责张、桂诸人审理此案,是仇视台谏。实际上,对台谏诸臣的严惩,乃出于世宗本人。但世宗因涉及议礼而被激怒,张、桂诸人也确曾受命平反,迫使马录承伏。这一事件表明,大礼议后,新旧臣僚之间,乃至世宗与旧臣之间,仍然心存积怨,难以相容。从这个意义上说,张寅或李福达案,实是议礼之争的一个余波,但仍是轩然大波。
5. 据节目组27日早些时候的声明,高以翔在录制《追我吧》第九集时突然晕倒。
6.   `Was yer waitin' to get in?' he asked, looking at the hut, not at her.


1. 如果陆金所成功完成此轮融资,将可凸显出该行业今年以来增长有多快。该公司刚在4月融资5亿美元,公司估值在当时达到100亿美元。
2. 这些数字背后,折射出美国当前债务体系的一系列问题。
3. 修正你们的地图吧!新的城堡是秘鲁。

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      Then turning to Antinous he said, "Antinous, you take as much careof my interests as though I were your son. Why should you want tosee this stranger turned out of the house? Heaven forbid; take'something and give it him yourself; I do not grudge it; I bid you takeit. Never mind my mother, nor any of the other servants in thehouse; but I know you will not do what I say, for you are more fond ofeating things yourself than of giving them to other people."

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