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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I loved my brother tenderly, as I told your excellency, andI resolved not to send the money, but to take it to himmyself. I possessed a thousand francs. I left five hundredwith Assunta, my sister-in-law, and with the other fivehundred I set off for Nimes. It was easy to do so, and as Ihad my boat and a lading to take in at sea, everythingfavored my project. But, after we had taken in our cargo,the wind became contrary, so that we were four or five dayswithout being able to enter the Rhone. At last, however, wesucceeded, and worked up to Arles. I left the boat betweenBellegarde and Beaucaire, and took the road to Nimes."
2.  "Because I sigh when thinking of some one I am leaving?Come, Morrel, it is not like a soldier to be so bad a judgeof courage. Do I regret life? What is it to me, who havepassed twenty years between life and death? Moreover, do notalarm yourself, Morrel; this weakness, if it is such, isbetrayed to you alone. I know the world is a drawing-room,from which we must retire politely and honestly; that is,with a bow, and our debts of honor paid."
3.  "He is really out, sir," replied Baptistin.
4.  "But you'll die of hunger," said the patron.
5.  "Perhaps!" exclaimed Dantes in grief-stricken tones.
6.  The jailer always brought Dantes' soup in an iron saucepan;this saucepan contained soup for both prisoners, for Danteshad noticed that it was either quite full, or half empty,according as the turnkey gave it to him or to his companionfirst.


1.  "Here, sire?"
2.  A gloomy scene had indeed just passed at the house of M. deVillefort. After the ladies had departed for the ball,whither all the entreaties of Madame de Villefort had failedin persuading him to accompany them, the procureur had shuthimself up in his study, according to his custom. with aheap of papers calculated to alarm any one else, but whichgenerally scarcely satisfied his inordinate desires. Butthis time the papers were a mere matter of form. Villeforthad secluded himself, not to study, but to reflect; and withthe door locked and orders given that he should not bedisturbed excepting for important business, he sat down inhis arm-chair and began to ponder over the events, theremembrance of which had during the last eight days filledhis mind with so many gloomy thoughts and bitterrecollections. Then, instead of plunging into the mass ofdocuments piled before him, he opened the drawer of hisdesk. touched a spring, and drew out a parcel of cherishedmemoranda, amongst which he had carefully arranged, incharacters only known to himself, the names of all thosewho, either in his political career, in money matters, atthe bar, or in his mysterious love affairs, had become hisenemies.
3.  "Yes, count, you know what I told you?"
4.  "It is useless. Where is the man who brought the letter?"
5.  "Come, you are growing discontented, you are no longerhappy; you, who only wish to live like a retired baker."Caderousse sighed. "Well, what have you to say? you haveseen your dream realized."
6.  "And then," said Madame de Villefort, endeavoring by astruggle, and with effort, to get away from her thoughts,"however skilfully it is prepared, crime is always crime,and if it avoid human scrutiny, it does not escape the eyeof God. The Orientals are stronger than we are in cases ofconscience, and, very prudently, have no hell -- that is thepoint."


1.  "Yes, yes," replied Dantes eagerly; "I would beg of you, whosee so completely to the depths of things, and to whom thegreatest mystery seems but an easy riddle, to explain to mehow it was that I underwent no second examination, was neverbrought to trial, and, above all, was condemned without everhaving had sentence passed on me?"
2.  "That is a serious matter, and we will not discuss it here;let us speak of nothing till we get home. Ali, bring me somewater." The count turned up his sleeves, and passed into thelittle vestibule where the gentlemen were accustomed to washtheir hands after shooting. "Come in, my lord," said Philipin a low tone, "and I will show you something droll."Morcerf entered, and in place of the usual target, he sawsome playing-cards fixed against the wall. At a distanceAlbert thought it was a complete suit, for he counted fromthe ace to the ten. "Ah, ha," said Albert, "I see you werepreparing for a game of cards."
3.  "Ah, yes," said Chateau-Renaud. "The idea of thinkingministers understand anything about princes!"
4.  "Nothing."
5.   "Why, I have only had the honor of being in her society andconversing with her three or four times in my life; but youknow that even such an acquaintance as that might warrant mydoing what you ask." At that instant, the countess perceivedFranz, and graciously waved her hand to him, to which hereplied by a respectful inclination of the head. "Upon myword," said Albert, "you seem to be on excellent terms withthe beautiful countess."
6.  "Precisely. Had stolen away this child, in order that yourname might become extinct."


1.  "In that case go and get ready. I will call Salvieux andmake him write the letter."
2.  "No," said Villefort; "only return again at eleven o'clock;at twelve the -- the -- oh, heavens, my poor, poor child!"and the procureur again becoming a man, lifted up his eyesand groaned.
3.  "Hem," said Monte Cristo in his turn.
4、  "As I entered Nimes, I literally waded in blood; at everystep you encountered dead bodies and bands of murderers, whokilled, plundered, and burned. At the sight of thisslaughter and devastation I became terrified, not for myself-- for I, a simple Corsican fisherman, had nothing to fear;on the contrary, that time was most favorable for ussmugglers -- but for my brother, a soldier of the empire,returning from the army of the Loire, with his uniform andhis epaulets, there was everything to apprehend. I hastenedto the inn-keeper. My misgivings had been but too true. Mybrother had arrived the previous evening at Nimes, and, atthe very door of the house where he was about to demandhospitality, he had been assassinated. I did all in my powerto discover the murderers, but no one durst tell me theirnames, so much were they dreaded. I then thought of thatFrench justice of which I had heard so much, and whichfeared nothing, and I went to the king's attorney."
5、  "Is this the same lemonade of which you partook?"




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      "What is that?"

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      "Oh, yes, yes!"

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       "You hear -- Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti -- a man who ranksamongst the most ancient nobility of Italy, whose name Dantehas celebrated in the tenth canto of `The Inferno,' youremember it, do you not? Then there is his son, Andrea, acharming young man, about your own age, viscount, bearingthe same title as yourself, and who is making his entry intothe Parisian world, aided by his father's millions. Themajor will bring his son with him this evening, the contino,as we say in Italy; he confides him to my care. If he proveshimself worthy of it, I will do what I can to advance hisinterests. You will assist me in the work, will you not?"

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      Albert felt his heart bursting at these particulars, butgratitude mingled with his sorrow: he would gladly haveembraced those who had given his father this proof of esteemat a moment when his honor was so powerfully attacked. "Atthis moment one of the door-keepers brought in a letter forthe president. `You are at liberty to speak, M. de Morcerf,'said the president, as he unsealed the letter; and the countbegan his defence, I assure you, Albert, in a most eloquentand skilful manner. He produced documents proving that theVizier of Yanina had up to the last moment honored him withhis entire confidence, since he had interested him with anegotiation of life and death with the emperor. He producedthe ring, his mark of authority, with which Ali Pashagenerally sealed his letters, and which the latter had givenhim, that he might, on his return at any hour of the day ornight, gain access to the presence, even in the harem.Unfortunately, the negotiation failed, and when he returnedto defend his benefactor, he was dead. `But,' said thecount, `so great was Ali Pasha's confidence, that on hisdeath-bed he resigned his favorite mistress and her daughterto my care.'" Albert started on hearing these words; thehistory of Haidee recurred to him, and he remembered whatshe had said of that message and the ring, and the manner inwhich she had been sold and made a slave. "And what effectdid this discourse produce?" anxiously inquired Albert. "Iacknowledge it affected me, and, indeed, all the committeealso," said Beauchamp.

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    {  Monte Cristo, with moistened eye, heaving breast, and lipshalf open, extended to Albert a hand which the latterpressed with a sentiment resembling respectful fear."Gentlemen," said he, "M. de Monte Cristo receives myapology. I had acted hastily towards him. Hasty actions aregenerally bad ones. Now my fault is repaired. I hope theworld will not call me cowardly for acting as my consciencedictated. But if any one should entertain a false opinion ofme," added he, drawing himself up as if he would challengeboth friends and enemies, "I shall endeavor to correct hismistake."

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      Meantime the subject of the arrest was being canvassed inevery different form.

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      "No one; his parents are unknown."

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       "Did I know anything about it, when it was all done when Iwas down there?"

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    {  "You shall pass it by twenty fathoms."

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      "It is probable," said Albert.