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1. You might say Terry did, too, if you can call his views about women anything so polite as ideals. I always liked Terry. He was a man's man, very much so, generous and brave and clever; but I don't think any of us in college days was quite pleased to have him with our sisters. We weren't very stringent, heavens no! But Terry was "the limit." Later on--why, of course a man's life is his own, we held, and asked no questions.
2.   `He has paid all, Monseigneur. He is dead.'`Well! He is quiet. Can I restore him to you?'
3. The child entered upon a broad open field of life, in which motherhood was the one great personal contribution to the national life, and all the rest the individual share in their common activities. Every girl I talked to, at any age above babyhood, had her cheerful determination as to what she was going to be when she grew up.
4. 8.案例分析之四:国会对联邦储备局
5. 各书院拥有独具特色的文化标识系统,每年举办传统文化月、书院杯体育赛事等深受师生喜爱的活动,组织学生自编自导自演大师剧。
6. [143]见拙著《论陈宝琛与"前清流"》,《复旦学报》1995年第1期。


1. She stood behind her window for a few moments and pondered. Then her curiosity got the better of her. She went to the door and spoke to the beggar child.
2.   "'I answered him, and asked in turn who I was talking with."'"I'm Jack Prendergast," said he, and by God! you'll learn to blessmy name before you've done with me."
3. 在AI领域,脑力比计算力更重要。
4.   'All your life,' said Mr. Omer. 'I may say before it. I knew your father before you. He was five foot nine and a half, and he lays in five-and-twen-ty foot of ground.'
5. 目前,很多病毒感染引起的疾病并没有针对性的特效药物来治疗和预防,这些疾病大多是自限性,也就是机体通过抗体反应等免疫反应将病毒清除。
6.   'Why, no- perhaps not. I believe there were somemisunderstandings between them. Mr. Rowland Rochester was not quitejust to Mr. Edward; and perhaps he prejudiced his father againsthim. The old gentleman was fond of money, and anxious to keep thefamily estate together. He did not like to diminish the property bydivision, and yet he was anxious that Mr. Edward should have wealth,too, to keep up the consequence of the name; and, soon after he was ofage, some steps were taken that were not quite fair, and made agreat deal of mischief. Old Mr. Rochester and Mr. Rowland combinedto bring Mr. Edward into what he considered a painful position, forthe sake of making his fortune: what the precise nature of thatposition was I never clearly knew, but his spirit could not brook whathe had to suffer in it. He is not very forgiving: he broke with hisfamily, and now for many years he has led an unsettled kind of life. Idon't think he has ever been resident at Thornfield for a fortnighttogether, since the death of his brother without a will left himmaster of the estate; and, indeed, no wonder he shuns the old place.'


1. 据了解,2019年7月,江苏省消保委通过公开数据、消费者问卷调查、征集志愿者信息等方式对市场上LG、创维、小米、夏普、海尔、海信、长虹、乐视、索尼、三星10家智能电视品牌进行开机广告专项消费调查。
2. Her eyes opened in spite of herself. And then she actually smiled-- for what she saw she had never seen in the attic before, and knew she never should see.
3. 清军在作战中陆续收降明军,多达几十万人,不可能继续依照八旗建制。降军另行编组,旗帜概用绿色,因此被称为绿旗兵。绿旗兵以营为主要的基层编制,因而又称为“绿营”。
4.   "Well, taken with the disappearance of the man's companions, Ishould say that they were in some way concerned in the murder andhad fled from justice."
5. 正与物业协商,家属:协商不了会起诉刘女士介绍,自己与老人、丈夫、孩子一家五口在该小区已居住近四年,从未欠缴过物业费。
6. 教师的教育惩戒权究竟该怎么用?惩戒与体罚的边界又在哪里?说服教育收效甚微惩戒应该把握尺度在国人的传统观念中,教师惩戒学生就如同父母教训不听话的儿子一样,是天经地义的事情。


1.   What sweet content due understanding lends:
2. "Dear me," said Captain Crewe, "I feel as if we ought to have someone to introduce us."
3.   Now, as on each preceding day, letters were handed her by thedoorman at the Casino. This was a feature which had rapidlydeveloped since Monday. What they contained she well knew. MASHNOTES were old affairs in their mildest form. She rememberedhaving received her first one far back in Columbia City. Sincethen, as a chorus girl, she had received others--gentlemen whoprayed for an engagement. They were common sport between her andLola, who received some also. They both frequently made light ofthem.
4. 原标题:西安男子打晕护士还自称市政府领导,警方:涉事男非领导身份澎湃新闻记者朱雷陕西西安一男子带孩子就诊时殴打护士致其短暂晕厥,还叫嚣自己是市政府领导
5. 明太祖初封诸王时,诏渝全国,说分封是为了“屏藩国家”(《明太祖实录》卷五一)。北方蒙古是明朝的主要威胁。明太祖分封习兵事的皇子于北边军事要地,皆预军务,习称“塞王”。晋王、燕王,皆受命指挥边防大军,筑城屯田,大将军冯胜及傅友德,都曾受其节制,军中大事,二王得直接奏闻。宁王受封后,也拥有军兵,以防御北边。其余诸王中,秦、代、肃、辽、庆、宁、谷、安等王,大体上都分布在东北、北方和西北的一条边防线上。广东、福建、浙江邻近京师南京,不建藩府。山西、河南、湖广等省则藩府较多。长江以北的藩府数又大大超过长江以南。
6. 有句话说得好,目光聚集之处,金钱必将追随


1. 由于贸易风的盛行,“中央航路”的航行通常是速度快、时间短。然而,在这一航行中,奴隶的平均死亡率从10
2. The secretary took a pencil and a tablet from his breast pocket.
3. The man indicated a short journey; I judged about two hours, maybe three.

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