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1.   'Can I do anything?' I asked again.
2.   Peggotty and I were sitting one night by the parlour fire, alone. I had been reading to Peggotty about crocodiles. I must have read very perspicuously, or the poor soul must have been deeply interested, for I remember she had a cloudy impression, after I had done, that they were a sort of vegetable. I was tired of reading, and dead sleepy; but having leave, as a high treat, to sit up until my mother came home from spending the evening at a neighbour's, I would rather have died upon my post (of course) than have gone to bed. I had reached that stage of sleepiness when Peggotty seemed to swell and grow immensely large. I propped my eyelids open with my two forefingers, and looked perseveringly at her as she sat at work; at the little bit of wax-candle she kept for her thread how old it looked, being so wrinkled in all directions! - at the little house with a thatched roof, where the yard-measure lived; at her work-box with a sliding lid, with a view of St. Paul's Cathedral (with a pink dome) painted on the top; at the brass thimble on her finger; at herself, whom I thought lovely. I felt so sleepy, that I knew if I lost sight of anything for a moment, I was gone.
3.   He sent for the fisherman. "Fisherman," he said, "the fish you have brought us have caused me some anxiety. Where did you get them from?"
5. 值得一提的是,若条件具备,可在后端基于AI+大数据分析、深度研判、人脸识别等技术,支撑异常温度重点人员行动轨迹回溯、密切接触人员追踪等需求,为下一步开展疫情针对性防控提供重要基础支撑
6.   7. "Avoi!" is the word here rendered "away!" It was frequently used in the French fabliaux, and the Italians employ the word "via!" in the same sense.


1.   As Porthos and Aramis were undressing him, in the hope offinding his wound not mortal, a large purse dropped from hisclothes. D'Artagnan picked it up and offered it to Lord deWinter.
2.   "Thank you," returned the manager, and, tipping his hat slightly,went away.
3.   "But there were three races, were there not?"
4.   老孙也向记者提到这两年临近污水处理车间的河流水质在变好:以前都是黑黢黢的河水,‘五水共治以后颜色变浅了不少。
5.   "I would rather have come to anchor anywhere than here," quoth our captain. "This island and all adjoining it are inhabited by hairy savages, who are certain to attack us, and whatever these dwarfs may do we dare not resist, since they swarm like locusts, and if one of them is killed the rest will fall upon us, and speedily make an end of us."
6.   "Well, this time," said the cardinal, "it is not necessaryto steal his confidence, but to present yourself frankly andloyally as a negotiator."


1. ↑周兆成和申友证家属申友证家属委托代理律师周兆成告诉红星新闻,他和家属认为死者申友证第一次尸检所依据的鉴定材料不完整。
2. 久已有志于改革的王安石,受命执政,生气勃勃,但朝廷上却是暮气沉沉。宰相曾公亮年过七十,遇事依违两可,是所谓“老成持重”的官僚典型。宰相富弼(一○六九年二月复相),因循保守,见行新法,便称病求退。另外两个参知政事唐介、赵扑(音卞biàn)都是变法的反对者。唐介在四月间死去。赵林难以阻挠变法,便自叫苦。当时人讽刺说:五个执政者王、曾、富、唐、赵是生、老、病、死、苦。神宗、王安石要依靠这些旧官员实行新法,显然是不可能的。王安石执政后,随即建立起一个主持变法的新机构“制置三司条例司”,即皇帝特命设置的制定三司(户部、度支、盐铁)条例的专门机构。神宗任命知枢密院事陈开之与王安石同领其事,实际上都是由王安石主持。在这个机构中,任用了一批新人。原真州推官吕惠卿成为王安石的主要助手。大名推官苏辙上疏指贡朝廷害财之事在于冗官、冗兵、冗费。吕惠卿、苏辙都被任命为制置三司条例司的“检详文字”官,参与草拟新法。
3.   "What a life! What a life!" was her one thought.
4. 2月19日,北影官方发布《关于翟天临涉嫌学术不端等问题的调查进展情况说明(二)》称,博士研究生翟天临在学期间发表的《谈电视剧〈白鹿原〉中白孝文的表演创作》一文存在较为突出的学术不规范、不严谨现象,存在学术不端情况。
5. 报道称,这名中国人在中国国内读完本科后,前往韩国科学技术院(KAIST)就读机械工程专业,并取得硕士和博士学位。
6.   "How do you do?" said Mrs. Vance, who could scarcely believe hereyes. His great confusion she instantly perceived. He did notknow whether to invite her in or not.


1. 今天消费者面对大量信息,没有办法甄别信息的意义,这也是职业房地产人的价值。
2. 结语对于游戏公司而言,自2018年起就步入了艰难险阻的时代,版号的压力下无数中小团队倒闭的倒闭,转行的转行。
3.   "Since then," continued Aramis, "I have lived very agreeably. Ihave begun a poem in verses of one syllable. That is ratherdifficult, but the merit in all things consists in thedifficulty. The matter is gallant. I will read you the firstcanto. It has four hundred lines, and lasts a minute.""My faith, my dear Aramis," said D'Artagnan, who detested versesalmost as much as he did Latin, "add to the merit of thedifficulty that of the brevity, and you are sure that your poemwill at least have two merits."
4. 据不完全统计,从2014年至今的6年里,算上2019年6月计划出售的78亿元物业,潘石屹已经或计划卖出了371.37亿元的资产。
5.   Of medicine the spirit's caught with ease, The great and little world you studythrough, That things may then their course pursue, As heaven may please. Invain abroad you range through science' ample space, Each man learns onlythat which learn he can; Who knows the moment to embrace, He is yourproper man. In person you are tolerably made, Nor in assurance will you bedeficient: Self - confidence acquire, be not afraid, Others will then esteem youa proficient. Learn chiefly with the sex to deal! Their thousands ahs and ohs,These the sage doctor knows, He only from one point can heal. Assume adecent tone of courteous ease, You have them then to humour as you please.First a diploma must belief infuse, That you in your profession take the lead:You then at once those easy freedoms use For which another many a yearmust plead; Learn how to feel with nice address The dainty wrist; - and howto press, With ardent furtive glance, the slender waist, To feel how tightly it islaced.
6. 翻译|小彩(本文内容仅供参考,投资建议不代表《巴伦》倾向。


1. 以李广的才能,未必及不上杀猪出身的樊哙,但怎么努力就是封不了侯。
2.   "There are one or two small points which I should desire to clear upbefore I go," said he. "Your absence, Mr. Phelps, will in some waysrather assist me. Watson, when you reach London you would oblige me bydriving at once to Baker Street with our friend here, and remainingwith him until I see you again. It is fortunate that you are oldschool-fellows, as you must have much to talk over. Mr. Phelps canhave the spare bedroom to-night, and I will be with you in time forbreakfast, for there is a train which will take me into Waterloo ateight."
3. 这个机构赋予中央银行作为最后的贷款人的权力与义务。然而债务问题实在过于复杂,仅仅向银行提供周转资金是远远不够的。由于所涉及的款项大大超出了银行的自有资本,如果坐视债务国破产而无动于衷,整个银行系统早已资不抵债,无法维持了。因此,各中央银行突破了自己的传统角色,联手出面担保债务国渡过难关。

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