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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "We can imagine that in the confusion of flight somethingprecious, something which he could not bear to part with, had beenleft behind. That would explain his persistence, would it not?""Well, what is the next step?"
2.  "So much for Mr. Henry Baker," said Holmes when he had closedthe door behind him. "It is quite certain that he knows nothingwhatever about the matter. Are you hungry, Watson?"
3.  "Well, why did they want him to do it? Not as a business matter, forthese arrangements are usually verbal, and there was no earthlybusiness reason why this should be an exception. Don't you see, myyoung friend, that they were very anxious to obtain a specimen of yourhandwriting, and had no other way of doing it?'
4.  "'This was how it came about. I have said that the man wasintelligent, and this very intelligence has caused his ruin, for itseems to have led to an insatiable curiosity about things which didnot in the least concern him. I had no idea of the lengths to whichthis would carry him until the merest accident opened my eyes to it."'I have said that the house is a rambling one. One day last week-onThursday night, to be more exact-I found that I could not sleep,having foolishly taken a cup of strong cafe noir after my dinner.After struggling against it until two in the morning, I felt that itwas quite hopeless, so I rose and lit the candle with the intention ofcontinuing a novel which I was reading. The book, however, had beenleft in the billiard-room, so I pulled on my dressing-gown and startedoff to get it.
5.  "I cannot promise to reciprocate, madame. I am not the law, but Irepresent justice so far as my feeble powers go. I am ready to listen,and then I will tell you how I will act."
6.  "In Kennington Road, and within a few hundred yards of MorseHudson's shop, there lives a well-known medical practitioner, namedDr. Barnicot, who has one of the largest practices upon the south sideof the Thames. His residence and principal consulting-room is atKennington Road, but he has a branch surgery and dispensary at LowerBrixton Road, two miles away. This Dr. Barnicot is an enthusiasticadmirer of Napoleon, and his house is full of books, pictures, andrelics of the French Emperor. Some little time ago he purchased fromMorse Hudson two duplicate plaster casts of the famous head ofNapoleon by the French sculptor, Devine. One of these he placed in hishall in the house at Kennington Road, and the other on the mantelpieceof the surgery at Lower Brixton. Well, when Dr. Barnicot came downthis morning he was astonished to find that his house had been burgledduring the night, but that nothing had been taken save the plasterhead from the hall. It had been carried out and had been dashedsavagely against the garden wall, under which its splintered fragmentswere discovered."


1.  "The main fact is that he had the pearl, and at that moment, when itwas his person, he was pursued by the police. He made for thefactory in which worked, and he knew that he had only a few minutes inwhich to conceal this enormously valuable prize, which would otherwisebe found on him when he was searched. Six plaster casts of Napoleonwere drying in the passage. One of them was still soft. In aninstant Beppo, a skilful workman, made a small hole in the wetplaster, dropped in the pearl, and with a few touches covered over theaperture once more. It was an admirable hiding-place. No one couldpossibly find it. But Beppo was condemned to a year's imprisonment,and in the meanwhile his six busts were scattered over London. Hecould not tell which contained his treasure. Only by breaking themcould he see. Even shaking would tell him nothing, for as theplaster was wet it was probable that the pearl would adhere toit-as, in fact, it has done. Beppo did not despair, and he conductedhis search with considerable ingenuity and perseverance. Through acousin who works with Gelder, he found out the retail firms who hadbought the busts. He managed to find employment with Morse Hudson, andin that way tracked down three of them. The pearl was not there, Then,with the help of some Italian employee, he succeeded in finding outwhere the other three busts had gone. The first was at Harker's. Therehe was dogged by his confederate, who held Beppo responsible for theloss of the pearl, and he stabbed him in the scuffle which followed.""If he was his confederate, why should he carry his photograph?" Iasked.
2.  "Yes, from that window. They broke off in the middle. We came overto see the reason. But since it is safe in your hands I see noobject in continuing the business."
3.  "Well, how do you explain it?"
4.  "Look at that with your magnifying glass, Mr. Holmes."
5.  What Sherlock Holmes was about to suggest will never be known, forat this moment the door opened and a young lady was shown into theroom. As she appeared Mr. Bennett sprang up with a cry and ran forwardwith his hands out to meet those which she had herself outstretched."Edith, dear! Nothing the matter, I hope?"
6.  "Excellent! But I assure you you are mistaken about my allegedagents."


1.  "For an instant I imagined that Bannister had taken the unpardonableliberty of examining my papers. He denied it, however, with the utmostearnestness, and I am convinced that he was speaking the truth. Thealternative was that someone passing had observed the key in the door,had known that I was out, and had entered to look at the papers. Alarge sum of money is at stake, for the scholarship is a very valuableone, and an unscrupulous man might very well run a risk in order togain an advantage over his fellows.
2.  "If I may give an opinion," remarked the strange gentleman, "we'vehad just a little too much secrecy over this business already. Formy part, I should like all Europe and America to hear the rights ofit." He was a small, wiry, sunburnt man, clean-shaven, with a sharpface and alert manner.
3.  "Well, well!" said Holmes, impatiently. "A good cyclist does notneed a high road. The moor is intersected with paths, and the moon wasat the full. Halloa! what is this?"
4.  "Well, then, is it Bellamy and that big son of his? They were nottoo sweet upon Mr. McPherson. Could they have done him a mischief?""No, no, you won't draw me until I am ready," said I with a smile."Now, Inspector, we each have our own work to do. Perhaps if youwere to meet me here at midday-"
5.   "Come, come, Bannister!"
6.  "Well, perhaps it won't be so difficult, after all. There is nothingmore to be done here, Watson. I think we might drive round to theoffices of the Daily Telegraph, and so bring a good day's work to aconclusion."


1.  "I am not clear how you came to hear the news so early thismorning."
2.  "I was furious. My first idea was that I had been the victim of someabsurd practical joke. I packed my things, banged the hall door behindme, and set off for Esher, with my bag in my hand. I called at AllanBrothers', the chief land agents in the village, and found that it wasfrom this firm that the villa had been rented. It struck me that thewhole proceeding could hardly be for the purpose of making a fool ofme, and that the main object must be to get out of the rent. It islate in March, so quarter-day is at hand. But this theory would notwork. The agent was obliged to me for my warning, but told me that therent had been paid in advance. Then I made my way to town and calledat the Spanish embassy. The man was unknown there. After this I wentto see Melville, at whose house I had first met Garcia, but I foundthat he really knew rather less about him than I did. Finally when Igot your reply to my wire I came out to you, since I gather that youare a person who gives advice in difficult cases. But now, Mr.Inspector, I understand, from what you said when you entered the room,that you can carry the story on, and that some tragedy has occurred. Ican assure you that every word I have said is the truth, and thatoutside of what I have told you, I know absolutely nothing about thefate of this man. My only desire is to help the law in everypossible way."
4、  It was after five o'clock when Sherlock Holmes left me, but I had notime to be lonely, for within an hour there arrived a confectionersman with a very large flat box. This he unpacked with the help of ayouth whom he had brought with him, and presently, to my very greatastonishment, a quite epicurean little cold supper began to be laidout upon our humble lodging-house mahogany. There were a couple ofbrace of cold woodcock, a pheasant, a pate de foie gras pie with agroup of ancient and cobwebby bottles. Having laid out all theseluxuries, my two visitors vanished away, like the genii of the ArabianNights, with no explanation save that the things had been paid for andwere ordered to this address.
5、  "Nothing of the sort," I said, putting my back to the door. "Anypolice interference would bring about the very catastrophe which youdread." I took out my notebook and scribbled one word upon a loosesheet. "That," said I as I handed it to Colonel Emsworth, "is what hasbrought us here."




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      "I am glad of all details," remarked my friend, "whether they seemto you to be relevant or not."

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      "But where, then, is Gennaro?" she asked. "He is my husband, GennaroLucca. am Emilia Lucca, and we are both from New York. Where isGennaro? He called me this moment from this window, and I ran with allmy speed."

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       "But why don't you?"

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      "No, sir, he did not."

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    {  "'Oh, no, it is in the house.'

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      "I was sure of it from the first." The two sat down together inthe bow-window of the club. To anyone who wishes to study mankind thisis the spot," said Mycroft. "Look at the magnificent types! Look atthese two men who are coming towards us, for example."}

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      "In that case I should be glad to hear the evidence and to examinethe premises without an instant of unnecessary delay."

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      It was evening of a dull, foggy November day when, having left ourbags at the Chequers, Lamberley, we drove through the Sussex clay of along winding lane and finally reached the isolated and ancientfarmhouse in which Ferguson dwelt. It was a large, stragglingbuilding, very old in the centre, very new at the wings withtowering Tudor chimneys and a lichen-spotted, high-pitched roof ofHorsham slabs. The doorsteps were worn into curves, and the ancienttiles which lined the porch were marked with the rebus of a cheese anda man after the original builder. Within, the ceilings were corrugatedwith heavy oaken beams, and the uneven floors sagged into sharpcurves. An odour of age and decay pervaded the whole crumblingbuilding.

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       "Oh, my night could not be called monotonous," said he, and laughed.He laughed very heartily, with a high, ringing note, leaning back inhis chair and shaking his sides. All my medical instincts rose upagainst that laugh.

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    {  "Excellent! This is far the most important of all for our purpose.It fills me with hopes. Now, Mr. Hilton Cubitt, please continue yourmost interesting statement."

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      "Sir Eustace retired about half-past ten. The servants had alreadygone to their quarters. Only my maid was up, and she had remained inher room at the top of the house until I needed her services. I satuntil after eleven in this room, absorbed in a book. Then I walkedround to see that all was right before I went upstairs. It was mycustom to do this myself, for, as I have explained, Sir Eustace wasnot always to be trusted. I went into the kitchen, the butler'spantry, the gun-room, the billiard-room, the drawing-room, and finallythe dining-room. As I approached the window, which is covered withthick curtains, I suddenly felt the wind blow upon my face andrealized that it was open. I flung the curtain aside and foundmyself face to face with a broad-shouldered elderly man, who hadjust stepped into the room. The window is a long French one, whichreally forms a door leading to the lawn. I held my bedroom candlelit in my hand, and, by its light, behind the first man I saw twoothers, who were in the act of entering. I stepped back, but thefellow was on me in an instant. He caught me first by the wrist andthen by the throat. I opened my mouth to scream, but he struck me asavage blow with his fist over the eye, and felled me to the ground. Imust have been unconscious for a few minutes, for when I came tomyself, I found that they had torn down the bell-rope, and had securedme tightly to the oaken chair which stands at the head of thedining-table. I was so firmly bound that I could not move, and ahandkerchief round my mouth prevented me from uttering a sound. It wasat this instant that my unfortunate husband entered the room. He hadevidently heard some suspicious sounds, and he came prepared forsuch a scene as he found. He was dressed in nightshirt and trousers,with his favourite blackthorn cudgel in his hand. He rushed at theburglars, but another- it was an elderly man- stooped, picked thepoker out of the grate and struck him a horrible blow as he passed. Hefell with a groan and never moved again. I fainted once more, butagain it could only have been for a very few minutes during which Iwas insensible. When I opened my eyes I found that they hadcollected the silver from the sideboard, and they had drawn a bottleof wine which stood there. Each of them had a glass in his hand. Ihave already told you, have I not, that one was elderly, with a beard,and the others young, hairless lads. They might have been a fatherwith his two sons. They talked together in whispers. Then they cameover and made sure that I was securely bound. Finally they withdrew,closing the window after them. It was quite a quarter of an hourbefore I got my mouth free. When I did so, my screams brought the maidto my assistance. The other servants were soon alarmed, and we sentfor the local police, who instantly communicated with London. Thatis really all that I can tell you, gentlemen, and I trust that it willnot be necessary for me to go over so painful a story again.""Any questions, Mr. Holmes?" asked Hopkins.