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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The count shuddered at the tones of a voice which penetratedthe inmost recesses of his heart; his eyes met those of theyoung girl and he could not bear their brilliancy. "Oh,heavens," exclaimed Monte Cristo, "can my suspicions becorrect? Haidee, would it please you not to leave me?"
2.  "Most willingly, duke; under your auspices I will receiveany person you please, but you must not expect me to be tooconfiding. Baron, have you any report more recent than thisdated the 20th February. -- this is the 4th of March?"
3.  "Because, in the first place, they transfer from the vesselto their own boat whatever they think worth taking, thenthey bind the crew hand and foot, they attach to every one'sneck a four and twenty pound ball, a large hole is choppedin the vessel's bottom, and then they leave her. At the endof ten minutes the vessel begins to roll heavily and settledown. First one gun'l goes under, then the other. Then theylift and sink again, and both go under at once. All at oncethere's a noise like a cannon -- that's the air blowing upthe deck. Soon the water rushes out of the scupper-holeslike a whale spouting, the vessel gives a last groan, spinsround and round, and disappears, forming a vast whirlpool inthe ocean, and then all is over, so that in five minutesnothing but the eye of God can see the vessel where she liesat the bottom of the sea. Do you understand now," said thecaptain, "why no complaints are made to the government, andwhy the vessel never reaches port?"
4.  "Well, well, don't be angry, my boy; you know well enoughwhat it is to be unfortunate; and misfortunes make usjealous. I thought you were earning a living in Tuscany orPiedmont by acting as facchino or cicerone, and I pitied yousincerely, as I would a child of my own. You know I alwaysdid call you my child."
5.  "You only look back to the past, and it is, indeed, badenough. Well, picture to yourself a future more gloomy still-- certainly frightful, perhaps sanguinary." The baronessknew how calm Villefort naturally was, and his presentexcitement frightened her so much that she opened her mouthto scream, but the sound died in her throat. "How has thisterrible past been recalled?" cried Villefort; "how is itthat it has escaped from the depths of the tomb and therecesses of our hearts, where it was buried, to visit usnow, like a phantom, whitening our cheeks and flushing ourbrows with shame?"
6.  "Really; and you think this cousin pays her attentions?"


1.  "However, be that as it may, the young man made a tunnel,how or by what means no one knows; but he made it, and thereis the evidence yet remaining of his work. Do you see it?"and the man held the torch to the wall.
2.  The abbe was a man of the world, and had, moreover, mixed inthe first society of the day; he wore an air of melancholydignity which Dantes, thanks to the imitative powersbestowed on him by nature, easily acquired, as well as thatoutward polish and politeness he had before been wanting in,and which is seldom possessed except by those who have beenplaced in constant intercourse with persons of high birthand breeding. At the end of fifteen months the level wasfinished, and the excavation completed beneath the gallery,and the two workmen could distinctly hear the measured treadof the sentinel as he paced to and fro over their heads.
3.  As we have said, the inspector, from discretion, and that hemight not disturb the Abbe Faria's pupil in his researches,had seated himself in a corner, and was reading Le DrapeauBlanc. He did not see the Englishman fold up and place inhis pocket the accusation written by Danglars under thearbor of La Reserve, and which had the postmark,"Marseilles, 27th Feb., delivery 6 o'clock, P.M." But itmust be said that if he had seen it, he attached so littleimportance to this scrap of paper, and so much importance tohis two hundred thousand francs, that he would not haveopposed whatever the Englishman might do, however irregularit might be.
4.  "It is not worth while to wait for that," said Andrea;"money is as plentiful in that house as fruit in anorchard."
5.  "And why?"
6.  "I am very sure no nabob would have sent me a pair of horsesworth 32,000 francs, wearing on their heads four diamondsvalued at 5,000 francs each."


1.  "I trust you will not be displeased, sir, that Valentine hasnot come with us, or that I dismissed Barrois, for ourconference will be one which could not with propriety becarried on in the presence of either. Madame de Villefortand I have a communication to make to you."
2.  "Just so; fifteen thousand francs, do you understand?"
3.  "Edward!" he stammered -- "Edward!" The child did notanswer. Where, then, could he be, if he had entered hismother's room and not since returned? He stepped forward.The corpse of Madame de Villefort was stretched across thedoorway leading to the room in which Edward must be; thoseglaring eyes seemed to watch over the threshold, and thelips bore the stamp of a terrible and mysterious irony.Through the open door was visible a portion of the boudoir,containing an upright piano and a blue satin couch.Villefort stepped forward two or three paces, and beheld hischild lying -- no doubt asleep -- on the sofa. The unhappyman uttered an exclamation of joy; a ray of light seemed topenetrate the abyss of despair and darkness. He had only tostep over the corpse, enter the boudoir, take the child inhis arms, and flee far, far away.
4.  "Mercedes," said the count, "I do not say it to blame you,but you made an unnecessary sacrifice in relinquishing thewhole of the fortune amassed by M. de Morcerf; half of it atleast by right belonged to you, in virtue of your vigilanceand economy."
5.   "Sir?"
6.  "To-day?"


1.  "Done!" said Danglars, "I'll take your bet; but to-morrow --to-day it is time to return. Give me your arm, and let usgo."
2.  The domestic bowed respectfully, and invited them to enter.They passed through two rooms, furnished in a luxuriousmanner they had not expected to see under the roof of SignorPastrini, and were shown into an elegantly fitted-updrawing-room. The richest Turkey carpets covered the floor,and the softest and most inviting couches, easy-chairs, andsofas, offered their high-piled and yielding cushions tosuch as desired repose or refreshment. Splendid paintings bythe first masters were ranged against the walls,intermingled with magnificent trophies of war, while heavycurtains of costly tapestry were suspended before thedifferent doors of the room. "If your excellencies willplease to be seated," said the man, "I will let the countknow that you are here."
3.  "`Wait while I light the lamp,' said La Carconte; `it isgrowing dark, and there may be some mistake.' In fact, nighthad come on during this conversation, and with night thestorm which had been threatening for the last half-hour. Thethunder growled in the distance; but it was apparently notheard by the jeweller, Caderousse, or La Carconte, absorbedas they were all three with the demon of gain. I myselffelt; a strange kind of fascination at the sight of all thisgold and all these bank-notes; it seemed to me that I was ina dream, and, as it always happens in a dream, I felt myselfriveted to the spot. Caderousse counted and again countedthe gold and the notes, then handed them to his wife, whocounted and counted them again in her turn. During thistime, the jeweller made the diamond play and sparkle in thelamplight, and the gem threw out jets of light which madehim unmindful of those which -- precursors of the storm --began to play in at the windows. `Well,' inquired thejeweller, `is the cash all right?'
4、  "Yes, count, you know what I told you?"
5、  "Indeed?" said Monte Cristo; "and so those gentlemen downthere are men of great talent. I should not have guessed it.And for what kind of talent are they celebrated? You knowthere are different sorts."




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      "Ah, Caderousse," said Andrea, "how covetous you are! Twomonths ago you were dying with hunger."

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      "How dreadful!" said Mercedes, passing her hand across herbrow, moist with perspiration; "and that letter" --

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       "Because, for instance, you noticed on the evening of theball we gave, that M. de Monte Cristo would eat nothing inour house." Mercedes raised herself on her feverish arm. "M.de Monte Cristo!" she exclaimed; "and how is he connectedwith the question you asked me?"

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      "Yes, doctor."

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    {  An old man, decorated with the cross of Saint Louis, nowrose and proposed the health of King Louis XVIII. It was theMarquis de Saint-Meran. This toast, recalling at once thepatient exile of Hartwell and the peace-loving King ofFrance, excited universal enthusiasm; glasses were elevatedin the air a l'Anglais, and the ladies, snatching theirbouquets from their fair bosoms, strewed the table withtheir floral treasures. In a word, an almost poetical fervorprevailed.

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      "Have you seen?"}

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      "That is right," cried the marquise. "I love to see youthus. Now, then, were a conspirator to fall into your hands,he would be most welcome."

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      "I hoped for a moment that it might," said Villefort; "butthat happiness was denied me. However, recovering mystrength and my ideas, `Why,' said I, `should that man havecarried away the corpse?'"

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       "Alas," said Valentine, restraining her tears, "mygrandfather is dead."

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    {  "Never, to any one."

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      "Plainly enough. Messrs. Thomson & French set no bounds totheir engagements while those of M. Danglars have theirlimits; he is a wise man, according to his own showing."