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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why has she not written to me, then?"
2.  "Ah, but the valise I want," cried Porthos, "is a well-filled one, my dear."
3.  "'I swear it before the God who hears me. I will take the wholeworld as a witness of your crime, and that until I have found anavenger.'
4.  "This? That's another matter. Never, never!"
5.  "Has he sent no particular message for me?"
6.  "Yes, Count," said Milady, in her softest voice, andpressing his hand in her own, "I am happy in the love whichyour looks and your words have expressed to me every time wehave met. I also--I love you. Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow, Imust have some pledge from you which will prove that youthink of me; and that you may not forget me, take this!" andshe slipped a ring from her finger onto D'Artagnan's.D'Artagnan remembered having seen this ring on the finger ofMilady; it was a magnificent sapphire, encircled withbrilliants.


1.  "After having lost my own horse, nine against ten--see how near--I formed an idea of staking yours."
2.  "Because, while you were talking with him, I watched you withoutlistening to you; and, monsieur, his countenance changed colortwo or three times!"
3.  "Was it ever known who this miserable fellow was?""He was doubtless the first lover and accomplice of the fairlady. A worthy man, who had pretended to be a curate for thepurpose of getting his mistress married, and securing her aposition. He has been hanged and quartered, I hope.""My God, my God!" cried D'Artagnan, quite stunned by the relationof this horrible adventure.
4.  He placed himself at the table and wrote a little note whichhe sealed with a ring, and gave the billet to Kitty."And now, my dear girl," said D'Artagnan, "you know that itis not good for any of us to be here. Therefore let usseparate. We shall meet again in better days."
5.  This time Bonacieux became so pale that D'Artagnan could not helpperceiving it, and asked him what was the matter."Nothing," replied Bonacieux, "nothing. Since my misfortunes Ihave been subject to faintnesses, which seize me all at once, andI have just felt a cold shiver. Pay no attention to it; you havenothing to occupy yourself with but being happy.""Then I have full occupation, for I am so."
6.  "Two hours passed away without anything fresh happening. Oh, myGod! who could have said so the evening before? I began to fearthat he would not come.


1.  "Tomorrow at daybreak. Sleep as soundly as you can tonight, andtomorrow, if you can, we will take our departure together.""Till tomorrow, then," said Aramis; "for iron-nerved as you are,you must need repose."
2.  "And I--I swear to you before God, madame," said D'Artagnan."that if I am taken while accomplishing the orders you give me, Iwill die sooner than do anything that may compromise anyone."Then the young woman confided in him the terrible secret of whichchance had already communicated to him a part in front of theSamaritaine. This was their mutual declaration of love.D'Artagnan was radiant with joy and pride. This secret which hepossessed, this woman whom he loved! Confidence and love mad hima giant.
3.  >From him whom you have rendered the happiest of men,Comte de Wardes
4.  "But, for heaven's sake-" resumed Aramis.
5.   "Certainly that is most in accord with your own principles,"replied Milady, frigidly.
6.  Grimaud made a sign in the affirmative, and pointed to adozen bodies which he had set up in the most picturesqueattitudes. Some carried arms, others seemed to be takingaim, and the remainder appeared merely to be sword in hand."Bravo!" said Athos; "that does honor to your imagination.""All very well," said Porthos, "but I should like tounderstand."


1.  "By a mode of proceeding known to myself, and by which I likewiseoverheard the more animated conversation which had with thecardinal's police."
2.  "In that case we are as well off as we wish."
3.  "How much did the Jew say he would give for the sapphire ifbe purchased it?" said Athos.
4、  Things passed as on the night before. D'Artagnan concealedhimself in his closet; Milady called, undressed, sent awayKitty, and shut the door. As the night before, D'Artagnandid not return home till five o'clock in the morning.At eleven o'clock Kitty came to him. She held in her hand afresh billet from Milady. This time the poor girl did noteven argue with D'Artagnan; she gave it to him at once. Shebelonged body and soul to her handsome soldier.
5、  "Yes."




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      Then she broke the silence to cry out, "You are cowards, miserableassassins--ten men combined to murder one woman. Beware! If I am notsaved I shall be avenged."

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      "That's useless," said D'Artagnan; "for I believe if he does notpay us, we shall be well enough paid by another party."At this moment a sudden noise of footsteps was heard upon thestairs; the door was thrown violently open, and the unfortunatemercer rushed into the chamber in which the council was held."Save me, gentlemen, for the love of heaven, save me!" cried he."There are four men come to arrest me. Save me! Save me!"Porthos and Aramis arose.

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       He, however, arrived without accident in the campestablished before La Rochelle, of the tenth of the month ofSeptember of the year 1627.

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      Spaniards, Englishmen, and Italian malcontents, adventurersof all nations, and soldiers of fortune of every sect,flocked at the first summons under the standard of theProtestants, and organized themselves like a vastassociation, whose branches diverged freely over all partsof Europe.

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    {  "Himself."

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      "Your Lordship does me much honor," said the host, "and I thankyou sincerely for your kind wish."}

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      "When once in the Bastille, there is no afterward!" said thecardinal, in a low voice. "Ah, pardieu!" continued he, "ifit were as easy for me to get rid of my enemy as it is easyto get rid of yours, and if it were against such people yourequire impunity--"

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      "M. D'Artagnan, of the king's Guards, company Dessessart, isexpected at the Palais-Cardinal this evening, at eighto'clock.

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       "Yes, how do you know it? No half-confidence, or--you understand!""I know it from my wife, monsieur--from my wife herself.""Who learns it from whom?"

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    {  "So that he still expects his money?"

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      "You are wounded," said he.