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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Meanwhile you will raise my monthly allowance to fivehundred francs, my little fellow? I have a fancy, and meanto get a housekeeper."
2.  "To fall," continued King Louis, who at the first glance hadsounded the abyss on which the monarchy hung suspended, --"to fall, and learn of that fall by telegraph! Oh, I wouldrather mount the scaffold of my brother, Louis XVI., thanthus descend the staircase at the Tuileries driven away byridicule. Ridicule, sir -- why, you know not its power inFrance, and yet you ought to know it!"
3.  "M. Lucien," said the baroness, "I assure you I have nodesire to sleep, and that I have a thousand things to tellyou this evening, which you must listen to, even though youslept while hearing me."
4.  "Come," said Danglars, "will you take a million?"
5.  "The deuce."
6.  "No, not perfect," was the count's reply; "onlyimpenetrable, that's all. But let us leave off this strain,sir, if the tone of it is displeasing to you; I am no moredisturbed by your justice than are you by my second-sight."


1.  "What are you saying to her?" said Morcerf in an undertone.
2.  "Then," said Albert, "this pious pilgrimage in behalf of theprisoners was your first remembrance; what is the next?"
3.  "Whom do you mean by they?"
4.  "Sire, the duke is right, and I believe your majesty willthink it equally important."
5.  "There is another way," said Morrel. The old man'sinterrogative eye said, "What?"
6.  "You see, madame, how rightly I spoke when I said I requireda preceptor to guide me in all my sayings and doings here."At this instant the favorite attendant of Madame Danglarsentered the boudoir; approaching her mistress, she spokesome words in an undertone. Madame Danglars turned verypale, then exclaimed, -- "I cannot believe it; the thing isimpossible."


1.  "Why, yes, the abbe runs a chance of being wet," said theother; and then there was a burst of brutal laughter. Dantesdid not comprehend the jest, but his hair stood erect on hishead.
2.  "Of what did he die?"
3.  "How does that annoy you?"
4.  "The stock is in your own hands?" The look which M. Noirtiercast on Barrois showed that there was something wantingwhich he knew where to find. The old servant left the room,and presently returned, bringing with him a small casket."Do you permit us to open this casket?" asked the notary.Noirtier gave his assent. They opened it, and found 900,000francs in bank scrip. The first notary handed over eachnote, as he examined it, to his colleague.
5.   "It is not my fault, madame. At Malta, I loved a young girl,was on the point of marrying her, when war came and carriedme away. I thought she loved me well enough to wait for me,and even to remain faithful to my memory. When I returnedshe was married. This is the history of most men who havepassed twenty years of age. Perhaps my heart was weaker thanthe hearts of most men, and I suffered more than they wouldhave done in my place; that is all." The countess stoppedfor a moment, as if gasping for breath. "Yes," she said,"and you have still preserved this love in your heart -- onecan only love once -- and did you ever see her again?"
6.  "Me?" said the young girl, "he never even glances at me; onthe contrary, if I accidentally cross his path, he appearsrather to avoid me. Ah, he is not generous, neither does hepossess that supernatural penetration which you attribute tohim, for if he did, he would have perceived that I wasunhappy; and if he had been generous, seeing me sad andsolitary, he would have used his influence to my advantage,and since, as you say, he resembles the sun, he would havewarmed my heart with one of his life-giving rays. You say heloves you, Maximilian; how do you know that he does? Allwould pay deference to an officer like you, with a fiercemustache and a long sabre, but they think they may crush apoor weeping girl with impunity."


1.  "Follow the culprit's steps; he first kills M. deSaint-Meran" --
2.  "M. Lucien," said the baroness, "I assure you I have nodesire to sleep, and that I have a thousand things to tellyou this evening, which you must listen to, even though youslept while hearing me."
3.  "I am not condemning you for this, Monsieur Baptistin; butlet your profits end here. It would be long indeed ere youwould find so lucrative a post as that you have how the goodfortune to fill. I neither ill-use nor ill-treat my servantsby word or action. An error I readily forgive, but wilfulnegligence or forgetfulness, never. My commands areordinarily short, clear, and precise; and I would rather beobliged to repeat my words twice, or even three times, thanthey should be misunderstood. I am rich enough to knowwhatever I desire to know, and I can promise you I am notwanting in curiosity. If, then, I should learn that you hadtaken upon yourself to speak of me to any one favorably orunfavorably, to comment on my actions, or watch my conduct,that very instant you would quit my service. You may nowretire. I never caution my servants a second time --remember that." Baptistin bowed, and was proceeding towardsthe door. "I forgot to mention to you," said the count,"that I lay yearly aside a certain sum for each servant inmy establishment; those whom I am compelled to dismiss lose(as a matter of course) all participation in this money,while their portion goes to the fund accumulating for thosedomestics who remain with me, and among whom it will bedivided at my death. You have been in my service a year,your fund has already begun to accumulate -- let it continueto do so."
4、  "Your pardon," replied Danglars, "I merely said you seemedin a hurry, and we have lots of time; the Pharaon cannot beunder weigh again in less than three months."
5、  "To whom do you desire to leave this fortune?"




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      "And you say that Signor Vampa exercises his profession atthis moment in the environs of Rome?"

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      "So little was it a dream, that I stretched my hand towardsthe bell; but when I did so, the shade disappeared; my maidthen entered with a light."

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       "Ah, very good."

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      "It is she!"

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    {  "He wishes to speak to you."

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      "What to do?"}

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      "What do you mean?"

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      "Bartolomeo Cavalcanti," joyfully replied the Italian; "yes,I am really he."

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       Heloise de Villefort.

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    {  "Yes; but" --

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      "I made my report to the authorities at Paris, and a weekafter he was carried off."