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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes."
2.  "I have never seen any one I preferred to you, and I havenever loved any one but you and my father."
3.  Caderousse quickly performed the stranger's bidding; andafter pouring some into a glass, and slowly swallowing itscontents, the abbe, resuming his usual placidity of manner,said, as he placed his empty glass on the table, -- "Wheredid we leave off?"
4.  "In her room with the notary."
5.  "Ah, that is something," said Albert; "to-day is Thursday,and who knows what may arrive between this and Sunday?"
6.  "What letters were marked on the linen?" said Monte Cristo.


1.  "And which of them made this passage?"
2.  "I cannot be mistaken; there are your horses! The veryanimals we were speaking of, harnessed to the count'scarriage!"
3.  "No."
4.  "And how long shall we be in accomplishing the necessarywork?"
5.  "Your wounds are so far mortal that, without the three dropsI gave you, you would now be dead. Listen, then."
6.  "Here are two flints and a piece of burnt linen."


1.  "And I hate her," said Chateau-Renaud.
2.  "No, my lord. In the morning, I shall rejoice in theprospect of your coming, and in the evening dwell withdelight on the happiness I have enjoyed in your presence;then too, when alone, I can call forth mighty pictures ofthe past, see vast horizons bounded only by the toweringmountains of Pindus and Olympus. Oh, believe me, that whenthree great passions, such as sorrow, love, and gratitudefill the heart, ennui can find no place."
3.  "How is it arranged?"
4.  "Not in the least."
5.   "And what is your deduction from this compensation, sir?"inquired Monte Cristo.
6.  The day after that in which the scene we have just describedhad taken place on the road between Bellegarde andBeaucaire, a man of about thirty or two and thirty, dressedin a bright blue frock coat, nankeen trousers, and a whitewaistcoat, having the appearance and accent of anEnglishman, presented himself before the mayor ofMarseilles. "Sir," said he, "I am chief clerk of the houseof Thomson & French, of Rome. We are, and have been theseten years, connected with the house of Morrel & Son, ofMarseilles. We have a hundred thousand francs or thereaboutsloaned on their securities, and we are a little uneasy atreports that have reached us that the firm is on the brinkof ruin. I have come, therefore, express from Rome, to askyou for information."


1.  "Well, my dear Albert," said Franz, turning towards hisfriend; "what think you of citizen Luigi Vampa?"
2.  "Indeed, I still shudder at the fearful danger you wereplaced in."
3.  "But at least we shall see her," said Beauchamp, "or do youkeep eunuchs as well as mutes?"
4、  "Shall you be able to pay M. Cavalcanti the five hundredthousand francs you promise for my dowry?"
5、  "And have you never tried to understand them?"




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      Chapter 10The King's Closet at the Tuileries.

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      "That is a tenacious old grandfather," said Beauchamp."Tenacem propositi virum. I think he must have made anagreement with death to outlive all his heirs, and heappears likely to succeed. He resembles the oldConventionalist of '93, who said to Napoleon, in 1814, `Youbend because your empire is a young stem, weakened by rapidgrowth. Take the Republic for a tutor; let us return withrenewed strength to the battle-field, and I promise you500,000 soldiers, another Marengo, and a second Austerlitz.Ideas do not become extinct, sire; they slumber sometimes,but only revive the stronger before they sleep entirely.'Ideas and men appeared the same to him. One thing onlypuzzles me, namely, how Franz d'Epinay will like agrandfather who cannot be separated from his wife. But whereis Franz?"

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       "Fortune has been kind to you, then? Your tilbury, yourgroom, your clothes, are not then hired? Good, so much thebetter," said Caderousse, his eyes sparkling with avarice.

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      Monte Cristo looked for the entrance to the enclosure, andwas not long in finding a little wooden gate, working onwillow hinges, and fastened with a nail and string. Thecount soon mastered the mechanism, the gate opened, and hethen found himself in a little garden, about twenty feetlong by twelve wide, bounded on one side by part of thehedge, which contained the ingenious contrivance we havecalled a gate, and on the other by the old tower, coveredwith ivy and studded with wall-flowers. No one would havethought in looking at this old, weather-beaten,floral-decked tower (which might be likened to an elderlydame dressed up to receive her grandchildren at a birthdayfeast) that it would have been capable of telling strangethings, if, -- in addition to the menacing ears which theproverb says all walls are provided with, -- it had also avoice. The garden was crossed by a path of red gravel, edgedby a border of thick box, of many years' growth, and of atone and color that would have delighted the heart ofDelacroix, our modern Rubens. This path was formed in theshape of the figure of 8, thus, in its windings, making awalk of sixty feet in a garden of only twenty.

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    {  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo. "Have you had another fallat the Bourse?"

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      "Be prudent, in any event," said the countess.}

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      Edmond heard the creaking of the bed as they moved thecorpse, heard the voice of the governor, who asked them tothrow water on the dead man's face; and seeing that, inspite of this application, the prisoner did not recover,they sent for the doctor. The governor then went out, andwords of pity fell on Dantes' listening ears, mingled withbrutal laughter.

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      "True, we must be quick, for we have scarcely ten minutesmore to pass together."

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       "Well, what do you wish to know?"

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    {  "Madame, madame!" cried Valentine, calling her step-mother,and running up-stairs to meet her; "come quick, quick! --and bring your bottle of smelling-salts with you."

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      "To these registers there are added notes relative to theprisoners?"