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1. 自周末以来,换句话说,自日本首相中曾根康弘访美以来,外汇市场上充满了关于官方即将采取措施的谣言。我对此持怀疑态度。事实上,我甚至还趁此机会减少了我的美元空头,打算到美国政府债券偿付期时再进一步增加美元空头。
2.   Athos smiled with one of his sweet and expressive smiles."Friend," said he, "for Athos this is too much; for the Comte de la Fereit is too little. Keep the commission; it is yours. Alas! you havepurchased it dearly enough."
3.   'So much for that!' he said, making as if he tossed something light into the air, with his hand. "'Why, being gone, I am a man again," like Macbeth. And now for dinner! If I have not (Macbeth-like) broken up the feast with most admired disorder, Daisy.'
4. 试想一下,如果一个人,受了很重的伤,严重失血。
5.   `I certainly have seen that.'
6. The decaying feet, some dating back to 1967, were being 'cleaned up', plumped up and whitened at the 'foul-smelling' plant using bleach and other chemicals, before being prepared for sale.


1. 读懂君看到,有的公司成“僵尸”是因为没有交易,有的公司成“僵尸”则是因为没有流通股。
2. 按理说,百度不应该这么干,一边想在自媒体时代尽快赶上来,一边又对着一部分“实力不行”的自媒体开刀,其实应该学学那几个自媒体平台啊,别管什么好坏,先把自媒体人圈起来再说。
3. 生而为人,就该迎接所有的安排,无所怨恨,从容淡定,骄傲而尊贵地活着。
4.   "Where are you going, Carrie?" he asked.
5. 密云区市场监管局相关负责人表示,将继续加大疫情防护用品、蔬菜等生活必需品的价格监管执法力度,坚持从严从重从快处理,严厉打击虚假宣传、哄抬价格、价格欺诈等违法经营行为,全力维护新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情防控期间辖区市场秩序。
6.   A worthy object still pursue! Be not a hollow tinkling fool! Soundunderstanding, judgment true, Find utterance without art or rule; And when inearnest you are moved to speak, Then is it needful cunning words to seek?Your fine harangues, so polish'd in their kind, Wherein the shreds of humanthought ye twist, Are unrefreshing as the empty wind, Whistling throughwither'd leaves and autumn mist!


1.   He wept as he spoke and every one pitied him. But Medon and the bardPhemius had now woke up, and came to them from the house of Ulysses.Every one was astonished at seeing them, but they stood in themiddle of the assembly, and Medon said, "Hear me, men of Ithaca.Ulysses did not do these things against the will of heaven. I myselfsaw an immortal god take the form of Mentor and stand beside him. Thisgod appeared, now in front of him encouraging him, and now goingfuriously about the court and attacking the suitors whereon theyfell thick on one another."
2.   He looked at me when I said this; he had hardly turned his eyesin my direction before.
3. 首先表示不解的是我弟。
4.   She kept a calendar of the holidays in this way, and every morning checked a day off in exactly the same manner. She did it gloomily until she came to ten, but when she got into two figures she became more hopeful, and, as the time advanced, even jocular.
5. CT影像出来之后,医生说基本可以断定是新冠肺炎了,需要去住院,但紫荆医院不是定点医院,我必须得去定点医院才能被收治。
6.   "Oh, certainly, certainly," answered Mr. Baker with a sigh ofrelief.


1.   "George, I let Mary go yesterday," was not an unfrequentsalutation at the dinner table.
2. 对于母亲的命运,儿子也无能为力。
3.   "There will be, in all times and in all countries,particularly if religious divisions exist in thosecountries, fanatics who ask nothing better than to becomemartyrs. Ay, and observe--it just occurs to me that thePuritans are furious against Buckingham, and their preachersdesignate him as the Antichrist."
4. 知识普及在网络游戏圈有些固定的称呼,如装备、皮肤、贴纸、磨损值等等,非圈内人士看了一头雾水。
5. 荆湖等路,在高宗绍兴年间,地主可以随同土地的买卖而转移让渡佃客。地主在田契上写明佃客的姓名,在买卖土地时,佃客无权退佃,作为买主的地主则可以强迫他们依旧承佃纳租。据《建炎以来系年要录》记载,南宋官府曾采纳庄绰(音超chāo)的建议,规定:民间典卖田地,不得私自把佃户名姓写在契约上,随契约分付;买主不得强迫原佃户耕佃。如果违反,准许上诉,定罪。这一规定在实行中,遭到荆湖等路地主的普遍反对。据说这使他们之间争夺客户的官司,打了十年还没有解决,永远查不清。
6. "Will you excuse us all," he said, "if we admit that we find it hard to believe? There is no such--possibility--in the rest of the world."


1.   `Is that all?'
2.   But then she soon learnt to hold him, to keep him there inside her when his crisis was over. And there he was generous and curiously potent; he stayed firm inside her, giving to her, while she was active...wildly, passionately active, coming to her own crisis. And as he felt the frenzy of her achieving her own orgasmic satisfaction from his hard, erect passivity, he had a curious sense of pride and satisfaction.
3. 被羁押449天后,熊昕取保候审。

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      "It was naturally my intention that he should succeed me in mybusiness, but he was not of a business turn. He was wild, wayward,and, to speak the truth, I could not trust him in the handling oflarge sums of money. When he was young he became a member of anaristocratic club, and there, having charming manners, he was soon theintimate of a number of men with long purses and expensive habits.He learned to play heavily at cards and to squander money on the turf,until he had again and again to come to me and implore me to givehim an advance upon his allowance, that he might settle his debts ofhonour. He tried more than once to break away from the dangerouscompany which he was keeping, but each time the influence of hisfriend, Sir George Burnwell, was enough to draw him back again."And, indeed, I could not wonder that such a man as Sir GeorgeBurnwell should gain an influence over him, for he has frequentlybrought him to my house, and I have found myself that I could hardlyresist the fascination of his manner. He is older than Arthur, a manof the world to his finger-tips, one who had been everywhere, seeneverything, a brilliant talker, and a man of great personal beauty.Yet when I think of him in cold blood, far away from the glamour ofhis presence, I am convinced from his cynical speech and the lookwhich I have caught in his eyes that he is one who should be deeplydistrusted. So I think, and so, too, thinks my little Mary, who hasa woman's quick insight into character.

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