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1. 眼见记者嫌贵执意离开,这名司机紧追两步,表示可降价到60元。
2. "Oh--girls--why they like them too," he said, but his voice flatted a little. They always noticed little things like that, we found later.
3. 她建议学生多读文献,有些问题可以直接邮件询问作者,也可以参加学术会议,向学者们面对面求教
4.   He looked at her. She looked cold.
5.   They did as they were told, and set food before Ulysses, who ate anddrank ravenously, for it was long since he had had food of any kind.Meanwhile, Nausicaa bethought her of another matter. She got the linenfolded and placed in the waggon, she then yoked the mules, and, as shetook her seat, she called Ulysses:
6.   From these several reasons, namely, the improbability of man having formerly got seven or eight supposed species of pigeons to breed freely under domestication; these supposed species being quite unknown in a wild state, and their becoming nowhere feral; these species having very abnormal characters in certain respects, as compared with all other Columbidae, though so like in most other respects to the rock-pigeon; the blue colour and various marks occasionally appearing in all the breeds, both when kept pure and when crossed; the mongrel offspring being perfectly fertile; from these several reasons, taken together, I can feel no doubt that all our domestic breeds have descended from the Columba livia with its geographical sub-species.


1. 任何人都会劝告查理·布朗不要上露西的当。即便露西去年(以及前年和再前一年)没有在他身上玩过这个花招,他也应该从其他事情了解她的性格,完全有可能预见她会采取什么行动。
2. 因为他的组织能力,这个松散的协会将他推为会长。
3. 毕竟医美行业最重要的资源就是医生,只有医生们赚到了更多收入,才可能形成示范作用吸引更多优秀人才加入这个行业,从而带来更多用户、更好口碑,最终形成良性生态循环。
4. 这一年,柳传志正好40岁。
5. 在传统音频领域,技术创新并未止步——从留声机到数码录音技术,从黑胶唱片到在线音乐流媒体等。
6. 就在我觉得没办法、准备要放弃的时候,远处一个大概七十来岁的老年人走过来,冲着我们气冲冲的。


1. 澎湃新闻从多个部门获悉,爱之心的爆雷并非个案。
2. 哪些变化将影响你的扣费单?01ETC收费忽高忽低,咋回事?最近几天ETC收费总是不正常。
3. 故意堵塞消防通道影响救援造成重大损失,也应追究违法者刑事责任。
4. 预测1:人类预期寿命将超百岁被誉为超级预测者的美国未来学家雷·库兹韦尔在1999年预测:到了2019年,人类预期寿命将超过100岁。
5.   "In twenty minutes," said the man.
6.   "No, for it was followed by a protestation of innocence.""Coming on the top of such a damning series of events, it was atleast a most suspicious remark."


1. 在民主德国和捷克斯洛伐克出现民主示威时,当地共产党政府选择了向人民的要求屈服。在罗马尼亚,政府打算强硬抵制一场改革运动,包括动用暴力镇压以维持自己的统治。暴力几乎激化至爆发一场内战的程度,最后,总统尼古拉·齐奥塞斯库(NicolaeGeausescu)由于对自己人民犯下的罪行而被处决。
2. 从孕期产检的胎心监护以及产前护理记录单来看,该胎儿胎心次数大多数时候都处在140-150的区间里,8月24日15点45分和16点检测的数据分别为160和162,此时有中度宫缩。
3. 一位身着白色防护服的医护人员来到同事身旁,给同事敲了一会儿肩背,长时间向车内探身测温,让人肌肉酸痛。
4. 2019年,互联网圈吃瓜群众的吃瓜频率可一点都不比娱乐圈少,接下来我就来给大家盘点下,2019中国互联网哈哈榜最具话题性的十大人物。
5.   Lordings (quoth he), in churche when I preach, I paine me to have an hautein* speech, *take pains **loud <2> And ring it out, as round as doth a bell, For I know all by rote that I tell. My theme is always one, and ever was; Radix malorum est cupiditas.<3> First I pronounce whence that I come, And then my bulles shew I all and some; Our liege lorde's seal on my patent, That shew I first, *my body to warrent,* *for the protection That no man be so hardy, priest nor clerk, of my person* Me to disturb of Christe's holy werk. And after that then tell I forth my tales. Bulles of popes, and of cardinales, Of patriarchs, and of bishops I shew, And in Latin I speak a wordes few, To savour with my predication, And for to stir men to devotion Then show I forth my longe crystal stones, Y-crammed fall of cloutes* and of bones; *rags, fragments Relics they be, as *weene they* each one. *as my listeners think* Then have I in latoun* a shoulder-bone *brass Which that was of a holy Jewe's sheep. "Good men," say I, "take of my wordes keep;* *heed If that this bone be wash'd in any well, If cow, or calf, or sheep, or oxe swell, That any worm hath eat, or worm y-stung, Take water of that well, and wash his tongue, And it is whole anon; and farthermore Of pockes, and of scab, and every sore Shall every sheep be whole, that of this well Drinketh a draught; take keep* of that I tell. *heed
6. 一定是哪位旅客粗心掉到这里的?民警询问周边旅客,无人认领,喊了好几句哪位旅客钱包掉到这里了,也无人应答。


1.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2. 在这个困惑的年代,旧的故事崩塌,新的故事还无以为继,我们该怎么生存下去?
3. 该罪若能成立,虐待致人死亡(包括致人自杀),最高可处7年有期徒刑。

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      "It is very hot," said Athos, drawing his sword in its turn, "andyet I cannot take off my doublet; for I just now felt my woundbegin to bleed again, and I should not like to annoy Monsieurwith the sight of blood which he has not drawn from me himself.""That is true, Monsieur," replied D'Artagnan, "and whether drawnby myself or another, I assure you I shall always view withregret the blood of so brave a gentleman. I will therefore fightin my doublet, like yourself."